Nooka Space from Romania raises €2 Million in Funding and appoints Irina Leca as new CEO

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Nooka Space from Romania, raises €2 Million in Funding and appoints Irina Leca as new CEO
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Nooka Space, a Romania-based company that specializes in tech-enabled Proximity Office Pods with a mission to revolutionize productivity while on the move, revealed the appointment of Irina Leca as the new CEO.

Leca expresses her dedication, stating, “I’m fully committed to leading Nooka Space and assembling a dynamic team, both locally and internationally, that will spearhead our strategic objectives.”

Leveraging her comprehensive background, including an MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology and a solid foundation in design from Ion Mincu University of Architecture, Leca is well-equipped to guide the company in reshaping proximity workspaces for professionals.


New Investment Round On Top

Furthermore, Nooka Space has unveiled a recent funding round of €2 million, backed by its existing investors and partners.

These funds are earmarked to propel the company’s international expansion, with a specific focus on entering markets in Portugal, Italy, and the aviation sector. Nooka Space is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of mobile office spaces and redefining productivity while on the move.

International Network of Proximity Workspaces

Founded in 2020 by Teodora Mocian, Nooka Space is on a mission to revolutionize workspaces, contributing to the evolution of future offices characterized by intelligence, accessibility, flexibility, and sustainability.

Nooka Space offers state-of-the-art office pods that prioritize user control and comfort. Their vision extends to diverse locations, transforming underutilized spaces into versatile offices. This approach benefits both users and partners, optimizing revenue streams and adapting to the evolving work landscape. Presently, Nooka Space operates in 10 countries, including Romania, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Ireland, and Switzerland.

Irina Leca, the company’s CEO, explains, “Real estate developers are eager to maximize their returns by leasing underutilized spaces, while companies seek flexibility. That’s where we come in – we bridge the gap.”

She adds, “We are already setting our sights on Portugal and Italy for our next expansion. Our adaptable business model suits various locations, from airports and train stations to hotels, coffee shops, and gas stations.”

Nooka Space caters to professionals’ needs with modern workspaces, offering products like Nooka Cube and Nooka Air One for indoor and outdoor use. They also provide solutions for airport waiting areas, aligning with their commitment to creating productive and flexible work environments.

Addressing Genuine Challenges

Leca underscores the immediate challenges confronting real estate developers managing underutilized spaces and companies navigating the shift toward hybrid work models.

She elaborates, “Both of these trends underscore the demand for our product. On-demand proximity offices and our technology are ideally suited to fulfill this demand, offering a sustainable approach to optimizing unused space while aligning with the evolving demands of today’s labor market.”

Nooka Space’s Objectives for Technology Licensing

Nooka Space asserts that its technology streamlines the process of searching and reserving proximity offices, enhancing user convenience.

According to Leca, “We have developed a proprietary IoT system capable of transforming any cubicle or physical space into a smart office or meeting room, which can be booked on-demand through the Nooka Space mobile app. There’s no longer a need for hiring a receptionist; our technology empowers owners with complete control over their reserved spaces.”

Expanding its services, Nooka Space is now offering its IoT system to other companies. This technology facilitates the fully automated leasing of flexible office spaces, providing benefits to real estate developers with unoccupied spaces, coworking space operators seeking to trim staffing costs, and hotels interested in automatic meeting room rentals.


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