Ireland’s NomuPay acquires UK-Based Total Processing: A Strategic Move in Payment Solutions

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Ireland's NomuPay acquires UK-Based Total Processing: A Strategic Move in Payment Solutions
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In a significant move within the payment solutions sector, Dublin-based NomuPay has acquired Manchester’s Total Processing, a bespoke payment processing solution provider.

This acquisition, a blend of stock and cash, follows NomuPay’s successful Series A funding. It marks a strategic step towards expanding their footprint in Southeast Asia, Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East.


Transforming Payment Solutions with Customer-Centric Approaches

Total Processing, founded in 2015 by Alex Leigh, Matthew Hamer, and Jean-Michel Soopramanien, is renowned for revolutionizing the payment industry with its customer-focused strategies. Specializing in tailored payment solutions, the company enhances merchant experiences through comprehensive reporting, a robust recurring payments platform, and advanced fraud prevention tools. Their approach has significantly boosted approval rates and revenue on a global scale.

NomuPay’s Vision: Enhancing Merchant Services

NomuPay’s CEO, Peter Burridge, was particularly drawn to Total Processing’s unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. “In an industry often lost in automation and oversimplified solutions, Total Processing shines as a beacon of genuine merchant care,” says Burridge. He admires the team’s dedication to becoming the world’s most customer-focused payments business, evident in their efforts to streamline onboarding, improve authorization rates, and simplify chargeback management.

The Unified Payments (uP) Platform, known for its ability to streamline fragmented payment infrastructures across various regions, will now integrate Total Processing’s merchant-centric services. This integration promises enhanced versatility, offering comprehensive reporting dashboards, transaction monitoring tools, multi-currency treasury management, and cross-border disbursement capabilities.

Expanding Capabilities and Market Reach

With this acquisition, the company from UK, already a licensed provider in Europe and several Southeast Asian countries, will bolster Total Processing’s acquiring capabilities in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and the European Union. Robert Pailin, CEO of Total Processing, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership: “This collaboration will supercharge our growth, allowing us to innovate faster, expand into new markets, and deliver even greater value to our merchants.”

Looking Ahead: NomuPay’s Ambitious Plans

Post-acquisition, NomuPay plans to extend Total Processing’s merchant tools to Hong Kong and key Southeast Asian markets. They also aim to leverage Total Processing’s UK and UAE presence to strengthen their operations in Europe and increase their market share in the Middle East. “Our goal is to provide an ‘all-access pass’ to payments, enabling our customers to scale successfully in high-growth regions,” says Burridge. “The acquisition of Total Processing is a pivotal step in unlocking this potential.”


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