Neurescue secures €6.7M in Series A Funding to advance Emergency Cardiovascular Solutions

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Neurescue, a Danish medical device innovator, has successfully closed a Series A funding round, securing €6.7 million. The round was led by West Hill Capital, a London-based firm known for its expertise in capital raisings, IPOs, and M&A within the healthcare sector. This funding propels the startup’s mission to enhance the treatment of cardiac arrest through its pioneering technology.

Neurescue is set to transform emergency cardiovascular care with its novel approach to treating cardiac arrest, a condition that significantly contributes to global mortality rates. Traditional CPR methods, which replace only about 35% of normal blood flow, often fall short in providing effective resuscitation. Neurescue’s technology aims to address this gap by improving blood flow to the heart and brain, thereby increasing the likelihood of survival and recovery.


Introducing the Device

Founded by Dr. Habib Frost, Neurescue has developed the world’s first computer-aided balloon catheter for aortic occlusion, a technique designed to significantly enhance blood flow during critical emergencies. The device, which has received FDA approval, features a catheter and control unit equipped with patented sensor guidance and automated inflation technology. This ensures precise positioning and balloon pressure regulation, offering a rapid response solution that could redefine emergency medical interventions.

A Vision for the Future

With this latest infusion of capital, the startup is poised to expand its reach and impact in the emergency medical device market. The company’s innovative solutions represent a significant leap forward in the quest to save lives and improve outcomes for patients experiencing cardiac arrest. As Neurescue continues to grow and evolve, its contributions could lead to a new standard in emergency cardiovascular care, benefiting millions of patients around the world.


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