Neura Robotics secures $55M Funding to propel Advancement of AI-Driven Cognitive Robotics Technology in Germany

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Neura Robotics secures $55M Funding to propel Advancement of AI-Driven Cognitive Robotics Technology in Germany
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Germany’s Neura Robotics, an innovative startup specializing in AI and robotics, disclosed securing $55M (around €48M) in a fresh funding round.

European investors Lingotto (a subsidiary of Exor N.V.), Vsquared Ventures, Primepulse, and HV Capital spearheaded the funding round.

Thanks to the capital infusion, Neura Robotics is poised to accelerate its expansion into the US and Japan while also establishing production infrastructure in Germany. This strategic move is in response to the rapidly growing demand reflected in their order book, which the company claims now exceeds $450M (approximately €400M).

David Reger, the visionary Founder and CEO of Neura Robotics, expressed his excitement about the company’s journey since its inception in 2019. Through the integration of artificial intelligence and a platform-based approach, Neura Robotics has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation in robotics, ushering in a new era. With the recent funding, the company is determined to maintain its momentum and deliver on its promising vision.


About Neura Robotics

Established in 2019 under the leadership of David Reger, the robotic company endeavors to bridge the innovation gaps within the robotics field, ushering in an era of cognitive robots.

The German company has ingeniously merged all essential components, sensors, and artificial intelligence into a single device. This integrated solution provides partners with a versatile platform for collaborative app development across various specialized domains.

As pioneers in amalgamating AI and robotics, Neura Robotics proudly unveiled the world’s first market-ready cognitive robot, named MAiRA, shortly after its inception. MAiRA possesses the ability to perceive its surroundings and interact autonomously with people. Through the fusion of crucial sensors, components, and AI in a single device, Neura Robotics opens up vast opportunities for partners to jointly create applications spanning diverse sectors, including industry, services, and households.

Neura Robotics’ robots possess advanced capabilities, as they are equipped to see, hear, and perceive their environment.

Notably, Kawasaki, one of the world’s top three robotics manufacturers in terms of revenue, has embraced the prowess of NEURA Robotics, as evidenced by their unveiling of a product range labeled “powered by NEURA.”

What Investors Have To Say

“Nikhil Srinivasan, Managing Partner at Lingotto, emphasizes that Neura operates at the intersection of AI and hardware development, leveraging a distinct advantage present in Germany and Europe.

Dr. Herbert Mangesius, General Partner at Vsquared Ventures, highlights the significance of embracing hardware alongside software for those serious about making advancements in the field of robotic automation. He notes that cutting-edge machine learning and cognitive capabilities have long faced bottlenecks in their integration into the industrial and services sectors.

Mangesius further commends Neura Robotics for being the first company they encountered that not only embodies this technological vision and leadership but also embraces an open partnership model, propelling global progress within the robotics industry at an unprecedented pace.”


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