Nebeus from Barcelona secures €250M for expanding Crypto Loan Services

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Nebeus from Barcelona secures €250M for expanding Crypto Loan Services
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Nebeus, a company based in Barcelona that provides solutions in payments, crypto, and cards for digital nomads and marketplaces, has successfully secured €250M in institutional funding. This funding is aimed at enhancing their crypto-backed loan program.

The company serves both corporate and consumer clients, offering a secure service with a competitive low-interest rate structure. This initiative enables individuals and businesses to leverage cryptocurrency assets for real-world financial opportunities.


Quick Liquidity and Blockchain-Based Lending

Nebeus’s loan process is designed to ensure customer liquidity within 2-7 days, allowing users to unlock the value of their crypto assets while maintaining potential upside. This service aligns with the growing trend in blockchain-based lending.

An All-In-One Finance App

Nebeus functions as an all-in-one finance app, integrating multi-currency payments, virtual IBANs, advanced cards, and cryptocurrency services. The company is recognized as a Cryptocurrency Custodian and a Virtual Asset Services Provider (VASP), authorized and registered by the Bank of Spain.

Focus on Security and Compliance

To ensure the security of loan collateral, the Spanish company uses Bitgo, one of the world’s largest custodians with $64B in assets under custody. This partnership highlights Nebeus’ commitment to providing a secure, reliable, and compliant financial solution.

Expanding Crypto Loan Offerings

The fintech is working on expanding its Crypto loan offerings to meet increasing demand. This includes the introduction of interest-only loans and bullet loans, offering more flexibility to customers.

The Evolution of Nebeus

Founded in 2014 by Sergey Romanovskiy, the company has evolved from one of the world’s first cryptocurrency platforms focusing on P2P crypto lending to a centralized crypto-backed lending model. This shift aligns with their mission to integrate crypto assets into traditional finance.

Regulatory Achievements and Future Plans

In 2022, Nebeus attained regulatory status, offering electronic money accounts to its users, thus enhancing its financial service portfolio. The company continues to evolve, aiming to cater to the growing needs of the digital finance sector.


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