Morressier from Germany secures €15.1M Series B Funding to reinvent Scientific Publishing Infrastructure

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Berlin-based Morressier, a leading virtual conference and publishing platform for the scientific community, has successfully raised $16.5 million (approximately €15.12 million) in a Series B funding round. This round was led by Molten Ventures, with contributions from existing investors Redalpine, Owl Ventures, and Cherry Ventures.

Christoph Hornung, a partner at Molten Ventures, emphasized the critical need for new infrastructure within the scientific world. He expressed confidence in Morressier’s experienced team to reshape the industry’s structure in the coming years.

This Series B funding follows Morressier’s €15 million Series A round in May 2021 and will be supplemented with additional funds for potential acquisitions.


Enhancing Scholarly Communications

Founded in 2014 by Sami Benchekroun, Justus Weweler, and Rino Montiel, Morressier aims to dominate the market in workflow solutions for academic societies and publishers. The company focuses on research integrity and confident publishing.

Deepening Industry Partnerships

Othman Altalib, Morressier’s Chief Growth Officer, highlighted the importance of deepening partnerships across the scholarly publishing industry. This approach ensures alignment with stakeholder needs and supports the scholarly publishing community by advancing research integrity.

Introducing Integrity Manager

Recently, Morressier introduced Integrity Manager to safeguard research integrity throughout the publishing process. This tool, integrated into Journal Manager, a journal submission system, ensures completeness and quality in pre-submission checks. IOP Publishing will be the first major client for this development.

Utilizing the Funds

The investment will support the startup’s ongoing product innovation, scale go-to-market efforts in institutional and corporate markets, and foster collaborations with key research integrity vendors.

Addressing the Integrity Crisis in Science

Co-founder Benchekroun stated that attracting strong support from investors validates Morressier’s critical role in addressing the integrity crisis in science. The investment will bolster efforts to support academic societies, institutions, and publishers in this fight.

The mission of the company is to protect research integrity and transform scholarly communications is now further empowered with this new funding, setting the stage for significant advancements in the scientific publishing ecosystem.


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