Matisse Pharmaceuticals bags €3.6M for Sepsis Treatment Development

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Matisse Pharmaceuticals bags €3.6M for Sepsis Treatment Development
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Matisse Pharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage company based in Geelan, the Netherlands, has announced securing €3.6M in a fresh funding round. This investment, contributed by Brightlands Venture Partners, private investment companies, informal investors, and the management team, will support Matisse in its preparation for a large-scale phase II study in sepsis patients.

Matisse Pharmaceuticals, founded in 2014, is dedicated to developing a medicinal product for sepsis, a leading cause of death worldwide. The company’s innovative approach involves using a non-anticoagulant fraction of heparin called M6229 to neutralize toxic circulatory histones, which are discharged by the immune system and apoptotic and necrotic cells into the bloodstream during sepsis. This treatment aims to inhibit the negative cascade caused by these proteins, potentially saving lives from organ failure.


Series A Funding and Clinical Trials

By 2024, Matisse aims to complete its Series A Funding Round, which will cover the full execution of phase II clinical trials, scale up production to commercial levels, and advance various research and development projects. The company also plans to announce the results of the phase 1/2a Histoseps trial in sepsis patients, a major milestone in its journey.

CEO’s Gratitude and Vision

Marcel Jacobs, CEO of Matisse Pharmaceuticals, expressed gratitude for the confidence shown by investors, especially in a challenging biotech funding environment. He emphasized the importance of finding a solution for treating sepsis, a condition affecting 49 million patients globally every year, with more than 20% resulting in death.

A Step Forward in Fighting Sepsis

Matisse Pharmaceuticals’ recent funding round marks a significant step in the fight against sepsis. With its innovative treatment approach, the company is well-positioned to make a substantial impact in the healthcare sector and improve patient outcomes.


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