Mablink Bioscience secures €31M

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Lyon-based Mablink Bioscience LLC received €31 million from a Series A funding round led by Sofinnova Partners and Mérieux Equity Partners. This round of investment was also assisted by existing investors.

In addition to new investors, existing shareholders Elaia Partners, UI-Investissement / Pertinence Invest 2 (advised by Mérieux Equity Partners), Sham Innovation Santé (advised by Turenne Capital), Fondation Fournier-Majoie, Simba Santé (Angelor) and Crédit Agricole Création all participated in the funding round.

Mablink hopes to establish a clinical-stage biotechnology company by bringing their lead candidate, MBK-103, through clinical trials. This candidate is meant to treat solid tumors such as ovarian cancer. Additionally, they plan to create a pipeline of assets for treating solid tumors.

Dr. Calenda and Mr. Seghezzi become members of Mablink’s Board of Directors as part of a funding round.

We’re absolutely delighted to welcome new investors with vast experience and a large network to our team, says Mablink CEO Jean-Guillaume Lafay. Their funding allows us to take on the most critical first steps in creating an AD Clinical Research Center— critical to the success of our mission. Additionally, we thank our historical investors for deciding to reinvest in this round.

Developing Antibody-Drug Conjugates

The French biotech company founded by Warren Viricel and Jean-Guillaume Lafay, Mablink Bioscience is working on the next generation of a popular class of cancer treatments called antibody-drug conjugates or ADCs.

Mablink’s technology is based on a unique combination of chemical links called “linkers” that connect an antibody to any chosen cytocidal agent. This allows delivery of any chosen cytocidal agent into tumor cells.

Linkers conceal the cytotoxic molecule, masking its harmful effects and adding a stealthy property to Mablink’s ADCs. This makes the compounds extremely desirable for a specific use.

ADCs that remain undetected in the body for longer increase the chances of killing tumor cells. Additionally, ADCs’ improved tolerability makes them more effective.

Future clinical successes in the ADC space gain a significant increase because of this, thanks to findings that come from animal models. This is due to the 10-fold increase in the therapeutic index observed.

According to Sofinnova Partners, Mablink offers a full solution to current limitations present in ADC development. Graziano Seghezzi, the Managing Partner at Sofinnova Partners, is optimistic about the masking technology of the company and believes it can be used to create new treatment options for patients with no other options available to them. The team at Mablink looks forward to working with Jean-Guillaume and his team to make the company a global ADC player.

Mérieux Equity Partners’ Managing Partner Valérie Calenda states that the firm began working on the project in 2019. Since then, they’ve seen progress and a strong team that convinced them to support the project with an industrial accelerator. After that, they encouraged UI Investment and Pertinence Invest 2 to participate in the seed round. Because of this, the firm decided to continue funding MabLink with OMX Europe, which is also one of their venture partners.

Mablink’s $4 million Seed round was funded a year ago. Its Series A funding, which was handled by Elaia, increased the company’s R&D and development efforts as well as its hiring of experienced staff members. This statement was released on behalf of the company’s investors.


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