LionVolt secures €15M to Advance Solid-State Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

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LionVolt secures €15M to Advance Solid-State Lithium-Ion Battery Technology
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LionVolt, an innovative startup based in Eindhoven specializing in solid-state lithium-ion batteries, has announced a significant €15M equity investment secured over recent months. The funding will fuel the company’s rapid growth and solidify its position as a leader in next-generation battery technology in the Netherlands and the UK.

This financial boost comes shortly after LionVolt’s strategic acquisition of a battery cell production line from Scottish company AMTE Power, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s expansion efforts. The investment will be instrumental in accelerating LionVolt’s development of 3D solid-state batteries, known for their high performance, fast charging capabilities, intrinsic safety, and sustainability.


Pioneering in Battery Technology

Founded in spring 2020 by Karl McGoldrick and Sandeep Unnikrishnan, LionVolt is at the forefront of developing 3D solid-state batteries. Leveraging the region’s extensive experience in thin-film technology, the company’s innovative 3D electrode architecture enables the next generation of batteries. The startup’s design promises to be 100% safe, 50% lighter, and offer 200% improved performance compared to the most advanced lithium-ion batteries currently available.

Enhancing Energy Density and Safety

The firm’s products boast enhanced energy density, superior cycle life, higher charging speeds, and improved safety features. The company is establishing a pilot production line at the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven to further develop and commercialize its 3D-structured electrodes. This pilot line will allow LionVolt to increase its production capacity within an ecosystem that supports the company’s ambitious growth plans.

Building on Years of Research and Development

LionVolt originated from TNO at the Holst Centre, located within the High Tech Campus of Eindhoven, building on seven years of research and development in innovative battery design. This foundation has positioned LionVolt as a key player in the transition towards more sustainable and efficient energy storage solutions.

With over 200 customers, including industry leaders like Polestar, Northvolt, and Jabil, the company is demonstrating the potential of its technology to revolutionize the battery industry. The recent funding will enable the startups to continue its trajectory of innovation and expansion, bringing its advanced solid-state battery solutions to a broader market and contributing to the global shift towards sustainable energy.


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