LinkedIn’s strategic initiatives lead to necessary changes, 716 employees are impacted by workforce reductions

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LinkedIn's strategic initiatives lead to necessary changes, 716 employees are impacted by workforce reductions
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LinkedIn’s CEO, Ryan Roslansky, communicated a momentous development in the company’s Global Business Organization (GBO) and China strategy via an internal email, unveiling plans for 716 job reductions. The decision reflects LinkedIn’s proactive response to evolving market dynamics and shifting customer behaviors.

As part of the restructuring efforts, LinkedIn will realign its focus on the GBO, adopting a more agile approach and optimizing team alignment for growth. This includes integrating components of the Business Productivity team across various divisions within the company.

To enhance efficiency, the Business Platform will leverage external vendors, streamline management roles, and empower broader decision-making responsibilities. Starting from May 15, the company will introduce more than 250 new positions in targeted operational segments, new business ventures, and account management teams.

Regarding its China strategy, LinkedIn will concentrate on supporting companies operating in China with their global hiring, marketing, and training needs. While sustaining Talent, Marketing, and Learning divisions, the company will phase out InCareer, its local job application in China, by August 9, 2023.

The workforce reductions will affect employees in both the GBO and China, with eligible U.S. employees receiving severance pay, ongoing health coverage, and assistance with career transition. Outside the U.S., employee benefits will adhere to local employment laws and practices. LinkedIn has an internal mobility program in place to facilitate the search for suitable roles for affected team members based on their skills.

According to Weiner, these decisions, while necessary for LinkedIn’s business, also mean that some team members will be departing to pursue new opportunities. The company remains dedicated to offering comprehensive support to those affected by the changes.


As LinkedIn embarks on a new decade, Weiner acknowledges the persisting challenges in the macro environment. The company intends to strategically invest in areas of growth while responsibly managing expenses to fulfill its vision and ensure operational excellence. LinkedIn’s immediate priority is to offer support to affected colleagues, with the unveiling of its FY24 plan scheduled in the coming weeks.

In response to the announcement, certain LinkedIn employees have expressed their disappointment and concern for their impacted colleagues. An anonymous employee shared, “It’s a challenging time for everyone, particularly for those losing their jobs. I am concerned about their well-being and hope that the company will provide the necessary support during this transition.”

Another employee expressed optimism for the future, stating, “While it is saddening to see our colleagues depart, I believe these changes are crucial for LinkedIn’s competitiveness in the market. I have confidence in our leadership team to guide us through this transition and pave the way for our success in the years ahead.”

Following LinkedIn’s 20th-anniversary celebration, where the company celebrated its achievements and looked towards the future, this recent news highlights its readiness for the next phase of growth. LinkedIn is committed to adapting to the evolving market and ensuring long-term success.

The company has affirmed its dedication to supporting affected employees by offering an internal mobility program to explore potential roles within the organization, based on skill compatibility. U.S. benefit-eligible employees will receive severance pay, ongoing health coverage, and career transition services, while benefits for employees outside the U.S. will align with local employment laws and practices in their respective countries.

In addition to the job cuts, LinkedIn is set to introduce over 250 new positions across targeted operational segments, new business ventures, and account management teams starting on May 15. This initiative demonstrates LinkedIn’s commitment to both cost reduction and strategic investment in areas of growth.

As LinkedIn prepares to reveal its new strategy and share further insights about its plans for FY24 in the upcoming weeks, employees will gather at Company Connect to foster discussions about the future and extend support to one another during this transitional phase.


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