Jerard Inzerillo: A Visionary in Tourism Leadership at Diriyah Gate Development Authority

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Jerard Inzerillo: A Visionary in Tourism Leadership at Diriyah Gate Development Authority
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In the world of global tourism, the name Jerard Inzerillo stands as a beacon of visionary leadership and profound dedication. With an illustrious five-decade career in the tourism and hospitality sector, Inzerillo has steered a remarkable journey, championing the industry and the communities it serves.

At the helm as the Group CEO of the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA), his impact and strategic vision have transformed Diriyah into an exceptional testament to preservation, culture, and sustainable development.

Jerard Inzerillo’s contributions have been recognized worldwide, with accolades such as the esteemed HOTELS magazine “Corporate Hotelier of the World Award,” the “Tourism for Peace Award” by WANGO, the Presidential Volunteer Service Award from President Joe Biden, and the prestigious Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund Lifetime Achievement Award. These honors reflect his unwavering commitment to both the industry and humanitarian causes.


The appointment by HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud in 2018 as the founding CEO of the DGDA marked a pivotal moment. Jerard Inzerillo’s mandate was clear: lead the monumental $63.2 billion Diriyah project to transform a 14-square-kilometer area into a hub of cultural, entertainment, retail, and residential magnificence, with the revered UNESCO World Heritage Site of At-Turaif at its core.

Jerard Inzerillo’s approach to challenges, a blend of building exceptional teams and meticulous planning, has been the guiding force behind Diriyah’s transformation. Recognizing the significance of preserving cultural identity, Inzerillo embraced the convergence of tradition and modernity. Diriyah, “The City of Earth,” radiates cultural celebration, intertwining heritage with contemporary elements, be it through showcasing local designers, modern art exhibitions, or premier cuisine offerings like the Bujairi Terrace.

The roadmap set forth by Inzerillo accentuates the value of team excellence and meticulous planning. He emphasizes the mantra: “Assess, action, manage,” as the crux of managing a project of this magnitude. Sustainability, an indispensable pillar, forms the core ethos of the Diriyah development, reflected in its commitment to programs like MOSTADAM and achieving the platinum-level USGBC LEED pre-certification, an accolade setting a new benchmark in the Middle East.

What distinguishes Inzerillo’s vision is the intrinsic commitment to preserving the natural environment and centuries-old way of life. The architectural styles and design in the initial phase of the Diriyah masterplan echo the traditional Najdi style, a nod to the rich heritage and culture of Diriyah.

“In crafting a sustainable and culturally resonant project, we’re not only shaping the future but also safeguarding the historical roots and essence of this exceptional place,” emphasizes Inzerillo.

Jerard Inzerillo’s legacy extends far beyond his role as a global hospitality leader. His pioneering stewardship at Diriyah Gate Development Authority symbolizes a harmonious synergy between progress, preservation, and community. It’s a testament to his unwavering commitment to transforming spaces into thriving, sustainable legacies, setting the benchmark for leaders across industries to follow suit.


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