Komi, an all-in-one SaaS platform purpose-built for creators, has closed a $5 million seed round

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A purpose-built SaaS platform for creators, Komi has closed a $5 million seed round from Contour Venture Partners with multiple strategic investors participating. These include Red Light Music Management, Get Engaged Media and celebrity users. Other investors include Victoria Secret Angel Taylor Hill, World Cup-winning soccer star Mario Gotze, Mumford & Sons’ Ben Lovett and Spotify co-founder Sven Ahrens.

Komi, is partnered with a wide range of world famous musicians, digital creators and athletes. Their combined fanbase has over 1 billion fans. Komi’s platform is invite-only at the moment, but growth in both fan engagement and users has been significant since launch. Over 40% growth in monthly MoM has been achieved, with user engagement growing by more than double over the same time period.

The startup is creating a “home” for internet creators on the blockchain. Komi makes it easy for teams and individual creators to manage all their content, services and offers into one centralized hub. This increases the creator economy opportunity to over 300 million people in 2022 and 50% more than 2017. The company also allows teams to easily integrate all content across multiple platforms and services. This helps artists build their brand, promote brand deals and sell merchandise, among other things. This new service improves the fractured fan experience and serves as a foundation for additional tools the development team is building in tandem with creators and their management teams. Komi’s landing page product is the first of many tools the development team builds in tandem with creators and their management teams. This helps creators better manage, monetize, and connect with their fans.

Komi was founded on the principle of empowering creators. Many people around the world earn money from their online presence by accessing tools they lack. This is due to the fact that millions of people create content on platforms like Facebook. In order to provide their audience with a more fulfilling relationship, Komi work closely with the world’s top creators and their teams to develop a single product suite that integrates with other programs. Currently, the invite-only platform is planned to be opened in early 2023.

New Creator Podcast UNBOXED Host Jordan Schwarzenberger said Komi’s product is second to none in the market. He also co-owns Sidemen, a management company that works with Komi. Jordan looks forward to working with Komi on their UNBOXED partnership.

The UK based company plans to expand globally in the near future thanks to London and LA bases with a worldwide user base of talent and creators.


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