Kollektiv raised €1.5M to build Web3 ecosystem for personal trainers

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A Denmark tech startup named Kollektiv has raised $1.5 million in funding from Danish venture capital firm Ugly Duckling Ventures. Additionally, VF Ventures and other established angel investors contributed to the funding round. Kollektiv is building a Web3 ecosystem for hyper-personal training communities. Previously, Teamway secured $1 million in funding to utilize Web3 in the creation of a product builders society. Both startups are targeting trendy adoption of Web3 and the metaverse by building applications on top of the internet’s application layer.

Builds Web3 Ecosystem

By making this investment, Kollektiv will continue to develop its Web3 ecosystem. This will bring different parts of the ecosystem together into one complete system. It will also put creators — like physical activity creators — at the center of revenue earning. This will allow everyday people to get healthier in a physical sense.

Ben Powell-Fredriksen spoke about his vision for the future. He said that he and his team understand human performance and technology very well. According to him, this makes solving hard problems much easier. His intention is to provide affordable access to digital communities for everyday people. These communities would be fronted by prominent figures, enabling creators and consumers to coexist and build side by side.
Ugly Duckling Ventures’ Andreas Rasmussen said “We love Health and Fitness’s Creator Economy combined with Web3 through Kollektiv. Ben and Helle have a solid foundation to create a product that could redefine the industry. We decided to invest in their startup because we’re familiar with the space and know the founders have a great foundation for success. Plus, we’ve already seen them execute on their product, which is why we’re convinced of their success.”

Angel investor Kerstin Mogull said, “The Kollektiv team impresses me because they combine a thorough understanding of human performance with an understanding of how technology can be used in a scalable manner. Their unique approach helps older and younger athletes focus on their favored sports in a supportive community that is surrounded by icons and guided by experts.”

The Brainchild Of Olympic Couple

In 2020, Ben and Helle Powell-Frederiksen — an Olympic couple — founded Kollektiv in Denmark. Ben had attended London Olympics in 2012 as a performance advisor for athletes, and he was formerly the chief marketing officer of global cycling brand CeramicSpeed. Helle was a professional triathlete, Olympian and World Champion coach with over 15 years of experience.

Kollektiv Sports was founded with the intent of turning their amassed years of knowledge and experience into a sporting ecosystem that can support health related economies. Their goal is to increase the value of their global network of creators in a way that can benefit everyday people; since its formation, Kollektiv has already made $170,000 in revenue. They’ve attracted athletes from 55 different countries— including both amateur athletes and professionals — through their beta product.
The creator-led community is the company’s first creator-focused community. It serves both creators and consumers as a proof-of-concept. The community features multiple creators who are personally trained to fit their schedules. This is because the training is planned based on subjective data and wearables gathered from each member.

Kollektiv’s novel tech layer is inspired by sports science research about human performance.


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