Cybersecurity Platform Kiteworks takes over DRACOON, a Round2 Capital-Funded Cybersecurity Company

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Cybersecurity Platform Kiteworks takes over DRACOON, a Round2 Capital-Funded Cybersecurity Company
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Round2 Capital, a pan-European firm specializing in software lending, has successfully overseen the sale of its portfolio company, DRACOON, to Kiteworks under a definitive agreement.

Founded in 1999 and based in the US, Kiteworks is a provider of cybersecurity solutions, specializing in file sharing, managed file transfer, and secure email data communication, all tailored to comply with regulatory standards.

Operating on a global scale, the US firm enables organizations to efficiently manage risks associated with the transfer and storage of sensitive information.

This acquisition is a strategic step for US Cybersecurity Firm as it seeks to expand its presence in the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) markets.

Round2 Capital became a significant shareholder in the german.based software company following its investment from the fund and additional co-investment with Round2 LPs.


Exploring the Services provided by DRACOON

Established in 2012, DRACOON is a German-based software company specializing in secure data and file sharing solutions on local infrastructure. The company provides highly secure, platform-independent file exchange software available in both public cloud and on-premises formats.

The german company, boasting over 500,000 users worldwide, including major corporations like Deutsche Bahn, Telekom, and Thyssenkrupp, positions itself as a leading player in the cybersecurity field.

Dr. Björn Momsen, Managing Director of DRACOON, remarks, “Our collaboration with Kiteworks strengthens our robust and dependable data security offerings for our clients.”

Marc Schieder, Managing Director of the german software company, further comments on the partnership, “Kiteworks’ adherence to both national and international security standards resonates deeply with our goals and those of our clientele. We are enthusiastic about the prospects this merger offers.”

About Round2 Capital

Round2 Capital, recognized as an expanding European investment firm, was founded in 2017. It is dedicated to assisting growth companies in Europe, particularly those with digital and sustainable business models.

The company highlights its role in leading the way for revenue-based financing and playing a significant part in shaping the software lending market in Europe.

With operations across various European nations, Round2 Capital primarily targets investments in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Nordic countries, and the UK. Throughout its operation, the firm has made investments in over 30 companies spanning nine countries.


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