IQ Capital raises €374M to foster the growth of deep-tech startups in Europe and the UK

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IQ Capital raises €374M to foster the growth of deep-tech startups in Europe and the UK
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London-headquartered venture investor IQ Capital unveiled the successful acquisition of $400M (equivalent to approximately €374M) across two funds, elevating its total assets under management to surpass $1B.

IQ Capital, a venture capital firm specializing in deep tech, has secured $200M in growth funding to provide support to later-stage companies. Additionally, the firm has successfully closed its fourth fund, also at a size of $200M, with a focus on early-stage ventures. The funding has been raised from a wide range of international supporters, including global institutions, funds-of-funds, family offices, corporations, tech entrepreneurs, and the state-backed British Patient Capital.

IQ Capital intends to strategically invest the funds in a diverse portfolio of deep tech startups based in Europe and the United Kingdom.

About IQ Capital

Established in 2007, IQ Capital boasts a team of experienced general partners, namely Kerry Baldwin, Max Bautin, Simon Hirtzel, and Ed Stacey, who have collaborated for over two decades and have actively invested in more than 100 groundbreaking deep-tech companies.

With a successful track record, the team has facilitated over 20 exits, including acquisitions by prominent industry players such as Oracle, Google, Apple, Facebook, Siemens, as well as several IPOs.


Starting from the Seed stage, the VC Firm supports founders in overcoming the challenges associated with building and scaling a successful company. Leveraging their extensive knowledge in deep science, technology, marketing, product-market fit, sales, talent acquisition, corporate finance, and M&A, the team provides diverse perspectives to address critical aspects of business growth.

IQ Capital typically invests between £0.5M and £10M in deep tech companies at the Seed and Series A stages across various verticals, including generative AI, advanced engineering and novel materials, space tech, quantum hardware and algorithms, cyber and data security, and synthetic biology.


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