Dutch Medtech Startup IPD raises €2.1M to advance Prosthetic Joint Infection Treatment

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Dutch Medtech Startup IPD raises €2.1M to advance Prosthetic Joint Infection Treatment
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On Thursday, July 20, 2023,IPD (Implant Preservation Devices), a Dutch startup specializing in prosthetic joint infections, revealed the successful closure of a €2.1M seed round of funding, which was concluded on Friday, July 14, 2023.

The company stated that the raised funds will be allocated towards the development of its inaugural medical device for a first-in-human clinical trial, set to begin in early 2024.


Specializing in Prosthetic Joint Infections: Implant Preservation Devices

Implant Preservation Devices (IPD) was established in December 2020 through a partnership between NLC, the European Healthtech Venture Builder, and Leiden University Medical Center. Headquartered at the PLNT business centre in Leiden, the Netherlands, the startup focuses on developing a medical device utilizing non-contact induction heating technology for the treatment of prosthetic joint and metal implant infections.

By employing induction technology, the implant is heated while remaining inside the patient, effectively eradicating bacteria and curing the infection. Prosthetic joint infections pose severe and life-threatening complications, affecting more than 250,000 patients worldwide. However, promising results from laboratory studies have showcased the potential of non-contact induction technology for treating these infections.

With a highly skilled team led by innovators Prof. Dr. R. Nelissen and Asst. Prof. Dr. B. Pijls, IPD aims to conduct a multicenter study in 2025, followed by market introduction in early 2026.

About NLC

NLC, the European health tech venture builder, scouts for cutting-edge early-stage healthcare innovations and facilitates their entry into the market in MedTech, biotech, and digital health sectors.

By forging collaborations with esteemed entities like Philips, as well as healthcare and academic research institutions such as Oxford University and Mayo Clinic, NLC aims to optimize patient care and make a positive and sustainable impact.

As a certified B Corp, NLC is committed to supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals 3, 9, and 17.

With a growing team of over 80 professionals and a portfolio of more than 110 ventures established across 11 European countries, NLC is now extending its impact-driven operations to the US and the Gulf region.


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