Interview with Alex Spasic | Serbian Influencer & Ebook-Author

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Interview with Alex Spasic | Serbian Influencer & Ebook-Author
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Dear Alex , please introduce yourself – Who are you, Where are you from and what is your Background?

I am Alex Spasic, from Serbia. I started my Instagram Account about one Year ago and since then gained over 75.000 Followers and 100s of satisfied clients. I help people grow and expand their brand using Instagram’s Organic Growth.

How did you become a Founder and what was the Motivation for it?

Just one Year ago, I was a regular college guy. My life was going to college at 9 and comming back late at night, with little to no income at my name. My family was in debt and I wanted to help them. That’s how I started copywriting, and later started my own Instagram Account.

What is the Name of your Social Media Brand and what exactly do you do?

My Instagram Handle is @alexxmarketing and my primary focus is helping people grow their Instagram Accounts and getting steady flow of Leads and Followers DAILY, by posting about something they love. I recently released an E-book that shows you how to gain 0-10k followers in next 3-6 months and I already have 50+ satisfied buyers and many testimonials.

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Where should the Journey with your Instagram Business go and where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

I plan on expanding to other platforms (especially YouTube) and helping people on ALL social Media, not only Instagram. If everything goes with my intentions, I can see the full expansion happening in about 5 years and turning this into a 6-7 figure business.

What tips can you give young Founders and Millenials they want start something on Social Media?

Just start. Planing is good, but it’s useless without application. I understand that many people feel insecure when starting out. I was there also. But always remember this: You’ll figure it out. You don’t need a perfect plan. You need action. Everything else comes afterwards!

What is your favorite Quote or your own Quote?

“Done is better than perfect.”

Your Book recommendation for young Founders:

Dostoevsky: Crime and Punishment.

THANK YOU for the great Insights in your Entrepreneurial Journey on Social Media!

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