Portugal-based Infraspeak raises $8.7 Million for its Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform

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Portugal-based Infraspeak raises $8.7 Million for its Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform
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Infraspeak, a Portugal-based Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform (IIMP) headquartered in Porto, revealed on Tuesday its successful completion of a Series A extension funding round, securing $8.7 million from Bright Pixel.

After securing €10 million in a Series A funding round in 2021, led by Indico Capital Partners and Knight Capital, along with existing investors Caixa Capital and Innovation Nest, Portugal-based Infraspeak has now announced another significant milestone. The company has recently raised additional funding to the tune of an undisclosed amount, which will fuel its growth initiatives and drive impactful innovations within the organization.


Funding Usage

In its quest for growth and expansion, the Portuguese firm has earmarked the extension funds to enhance the Infraspeak Network—a distinctive feature that fosters seamless collaboration between facilities managers and service providers, streamlining the entire workflow from quote submission to job completion.

As part of its strategic expansion, Infraspeak has successfully entered new European markets, such as France and Denmark, while also making significant strides in Latin America, with a particular focus on Ecuador and Peru. In pursuit of their goals, the company seeks to establish strong partnerships with key industry players in these regions to extend its reach and impact.

Thanks to the funding, the company has bolstered its team with five strategic hires:

  • Ash Dharmakirthi, bringing experience from companies like Seismic, Docusign, and Symantec, joins as the Regional Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland.
  • Britt Schimmel, who previously worked at Pleo and Booking.com, takes on the role of Sales Enablement Manager.
  • Mireia Palmero, with a background in Productsup and Meta, joins as Solution Advisor EMEA.
  • Nic Cooper, coming from Trustpilot and Living Social, is appointed as the Head of Sales Development.
  • Oriane Millet, with experience at Expertlead, GP Bullhound, and Goldman Sachs, assumes the position of Chief Financial Officer.

About Infraspeak

Infraspeak, co-founded by Luis Martins (CTO) and Felipe Ávila da Costa (CEO), stands as a pioneering Global SaaS company, dedicated to revolutionizing the FM & Maintenance Management realm.

Their cutting-edge platform offers a centralized and tailored maintenance management solution, serving companies of various sizes. Through seamless integration of assets, IoT devices, hardware, and software, teams gain the power to convert data into actionable insights and implement real-time solutions.

Currently, the company efficiently oversees more than 180 thousand buildings and 3 million assets, with a remarkable surge in the number of new companies adopting the platform during the first half of 2023.

With operations spanning across the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina, Angola, and South Africa, Infraspeak’s global team of 164 dedicated individuals is driving the company’s vision forward.


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