HomeCooks from London secures $3.1M Seed Funding

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HomeCooks from London secures $3.1M Seed Funding
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HomeCooks, a pioneering marketplace for independent food creators in the UK, has recently raised a remarkable $3.1 million in a Seed funding round. This investment is set to fuel the company’s expansion across the UK, transforming the landscape for small food businesses.

HomeCooks, often referred to as the ‘Etsy of food’, is revolutionizing the way small food businesses operate. Unlike traditional platforms that merely connect chefs and users, HomeCooks takes a comprehensive approach by managing the entire operational process for its partner chefs. This includes collecting, freezing, storing, and dispatching their meals, allowing chefs to focus solely on cooking.


The Funding Round and Future Growth

The funding round, led by Speedinvest, with participation from DFF, Love Ventures, Rianta, and several leading UK angels from the Ventures Together Consortium, marks a significant milestone for Startup. The company is also topping up the round on the crowdfunding platform Seedrs, enabling its community of food creators to become shareholders in the business.

A New Model for the Hospitality Industry

Joshua Magidson, the founder of HomeCooks, highlights the challenges in the traditional hospitality industry, including low-paid labor, poor working conditions, and razor-thin margins. HomeCooks offers a profitable and flexible alternative for chefs, who can now focus on preparing meals in bulk with minimal overheads. The company’s model not only benefits chefs but also provides consumers with a diverse range of affordable, healthy, home-cooked meals.

The Journey of HomeCooks

Starting as a grassroots community movement on Facebook during the lockdown in 2020, HomeCooks has rapidly grown into a formidable player in the food delivery industry. With over 200 meals available for purchase from independent chefs, the company has served 60,000 meals to over 7,000 customers in the last year alone, now covering most of the United Kingdom.

The Mission and Vision

With the funds from this round, the firm aims to enable over 1,000 food creators to sell their food on the platform. The company has already witnessed substantial growth, with a 600% increase over the last year and a 70% month-on-month growth from August to October. The mission, as stated by Mathias Ockenfels of Speedinvest, is to change the way people eat forever by empowering independent food creators and providing consumers with high-quality, affordable, healthy meals.

A Culinary Revolution in the Making

HomeCooks’ successful seed funding round is more than just a financial achievement; it’s a step towards a culinary revolution. By streamlining the process for chefs and offering consumers diverse and healthy meal options, HomeCooks is set to transform how people eat at home, making a significant impact on the UK’s food industry.


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