Holiferm from UK bags €21.4M for Eco-Friendly Biosurfactant Production

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Holiferm Limited, a UK-based company specializing in the production of sustainable biosurfactants, has successfully closed a Series B funding round, securing £18.5 million (approximately €21.4 million). This funding round, led by Rhapsody Venture Partners and Clean Growth Fund, is set to significantly enhance Holiferm’s capacity for eco-friendly chemical production.

The fresh capital will be pivotal in scaling up operations at Holiferm’s Wallasey plant, which currently boasts a capacity of 1.1 KTA. The investment will facilitate the installation of new fermenters, aiming to increase the plant’s capacity to 3.5 KTA by the end of 2024, with further plans to expand to 15 KTA.


Accelerating R&D and Talent Acquisition

In addition to expanding the plant’s capacity, the funding will also accelerate activities for their research and development facility in Manchester. The company plans to refine manufacturing methods for other biosurfactants and advance them through pilot testing, with a commercial launch targeted for 2024. Moreover, the capital boost will enable Holiferm to attract top talent from the UK and globally.

The Vision for a Greener Chemical Industry

Ben Dolman, CEO of Holiferm, highlighted the significance of this funding round, emphasizing the company’s commitment to cleaner and greener chemical manufacturing by eliminating petrochemicals. He expressed gratitude towards Rhapsody Venture Partners and Clean Growth Fund for their collaborative and supportive partnership.

The Sustainable Biosurfactant Production

The startup focuses on developing sustainable methods for biosurfactant production. Biosurfactants, produced by organisms like bacteria, fungi, and yeast, are unique molecules that reduce the surface tension of liquids. Holiferm’s methods aim to eliminate harmful petrochemicals from the production process, positively impacting the chemical manufacturing industry.

From Lab to Commercial Production

Having successfully taken its first process for sophorolipids from laboratory trials through pilot scale tests to commercial production, Holiferm currently produces sophorolipids at its Wallasey plant. The company also plans to introduce MELs and rhamnolipids to the market, complementing their sophorolipid range for various personal and home care applications.

This Series B funding represents a significant step forward for Holiferm in its mission to revolutionize the chemical industry with sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.


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