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Hive has expanded into Spain in time for a busy fourth quarter with Black Week and the holiday season. The new fulfillment center in Madrid went into operation this week.

After expanding from Germany to France and Italy earlier this year, Hive has been working to cover Spain for the past few months. The entire team looks forward to starting operations with a full team and premises in Madrid.

The launch in Spain is a big step towards even broader coverage of 2-day delivery in mainland Europe for D2C brands at a local cost.

Why Hive Expanded to Spain

Expansion into Spain has always been part of Hive’s mission to serve retailers across the EU and reach consumers quickly, sustainably and at low cost for their brands.

Spain is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the EU

With sales of $27.2 billion in 2021, Spain is one of the largest e-commerce markets in Europe, just ahead of Italy. The 30 million e-commerce users make up 60 percent of the population. This number is expected to grow by 6 percent year-on-year, in line with expected global average e-commerce growth through 2025.

The main sectors of e-commerce in Spain and their share in sales

  • Fashion (27%)
  • Electronics (25%)
  • Food and personal care (19%)
  • Toys etc. (17%)

Many of the brands Hive works with already ship to Spain, others are in the process of building a Spanish community as they don’t want to miss out on such a promising market.

Why Madrid?

Madrid is strategically located in the center of the country and has a very good infrastructure. The proximity to Portugal is another plus.

With Madrid as its base in Spain, Hive has good coverage for the whole country. This helps their dealers to keep their delivery times and costs down as they pay local delivery prices.

With many top talent based in Madrid, the company is pleased to announce that some of them are working for Hive from a beautiful city center office, just 20 minutes drive from the fulfillment area in Coslada – just outside the city.

Because Hive’s employees work in close proximity to the fulfillment center, the company can ensure the highest quality of processes and continuously test and improve them.

What is Hive pan-EU and how does it benefit you?

The expansion into Spain takes Hive a step closer to pan-European fulfillment coverage. They offer the brands they work with the Hive Pan-EU Fulfillment solution, giving them access to..:

  • 2-day delivery in the main EU markets
  • Local delivery costs
  • Automated inventory distribution without additional effort for you
  • Smooth internationalization with a team of experts for each market
  • Hive Fulfillment staff on-site to respond to any changes
  • Sustainable delivery and packaging options in the EU

This is a major milestone of which the entire Hive team is very proud. But the expansion won’t stop there. There are already other locations on the horizon, e.g. B. UK.

We are excited to see what the future holds for HIVE.


Nicola Stebbing


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