HiBob raised $150M to expand its HR platform

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HiBob raised $150M to expand its HR platform
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A New York-based HR-Tech Startup, called HiBob offers changes to how organizations operate in the modern world.

Their Series D funding round was completed less than a year after the $150 million Series C funding round.

Valuation reaches $2.45B

HiBob is a company that provides technology support for business. The company recently raised additional capital to support its market leadership. This was achieved with participation from Bessemer Venture Partners, General Atlantic, and additional investment firms. With the additional funding, HiBob’s valuation increased to $2.45 billion and its financing total rose to $424 million. The company plans to open additional regional offices within 24 months thanks to the new funding.

Bob is an essential HR tool that helps an organization meet their workforce needs. It includes modules beyond core HR such as workforce planning, talent management, and compensation management. This means Bob can help organizations support their customers in retaining top talent and provide the employee experience. We’re proud to partner with HiBob and the company’s leadership team as Bob works to address key market needs with flexible technology. Anton Levy, Co-President, Managing Director, and Global Head of Technology Investing at General Atlantic, commented:  “Bob’s modules go beyond core HR, including support for talent and workforce planning.”

Bessemer Venture Partners partner Adam Fisher stated that HiBob’s ability to keep pace with their biggest customers and move into new locations is a testament to the company’s strong execution. He added that Bessemer Venture Partners was the first investor in the company, and they were proud to continue their partnership with a second investment from their fund.

In the future, companies will need to manage their personnel effectively when they grow and shrink in size. This is why many modern businesses look to HRIS systems like the one created by Ronni Zehavi and HiBob. As CEO and co-founder, Ronni explained that HRIS systems aren’t just about counting people; they’re also about proactively managing people during periods of growth and contraction. Many companies expected to hire again in the coming quarters, and smart organizations will want to have a HRIS system in place before that time.

Leads way for future workplace

In 2015, Ronni Zehavi and Israel David founded the company HiBob with the goal of making work more efficient in the modern world. Their solution was a platform called Bob that streamlines human resources processes. This platform is accessible to every employee in the company, and is easy to use.

Bobbers from all over the world have brought their authentic selves to work since their introduction. This has inspired them to create exceptional human resources systems that would revolutionize the way employees work experiences. Additionally, this has motivated HR professionals, managers and even employees to create new systems.

Bob is used by more than 2,500 multinational companies. These companies include Cazoo, Gong, Hopin, Monzo, Happy Socks, Fiverr and VaynerMedia. Bob facilitates employees’ learning, upskilling, cultural shifts and faster hiring processes for companies that are dispersed and dynamic. It’s headquartered in New York, with offices in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Israel and Germany.


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