Goodcarbon: The Nr.1 Investment & Trading Platform for Nature-based Solutions

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This Is Goodcarbon

Founded in 2021, goodcarbon provides a digital investment and trading platform made in Germany. The start-up empowers conscious companies to conserve and restore nature by funding high-impact, verified Nature-based Solution projects in return for high-quality carbon credits.

The basic assumption of their model is that the three big challenges of our time are interlinked and must be solved jointly: Climate Warming (“net zero target”), Loss of Nature (“biodiversity target”) and Global Inequality (“SDG target”).

In the years to come, the startup wants to become an integral part of corporates’ carbon offsetting plans in Germany. To achieve that goal, goodcarbon created a platform that connects companies directly to project owners.

On their mission, three major goals to save our planet have been identified: 

  • 50 gigatons of CO2 to reduce annually
  • 2 billion hectares of degraded land to restore and biodiversity to rebuild
  • 8 trillion US dollars of investment needed

Nature-based Solutions are the top solution to this as they can tackle all three challenges together:

“Together, we shift the focus of the global capital to conserve and to restore our precious ecosystems.”
David Diallo and Jerome Cochet, Co-founders of goodcarbon

The platform offers “three distinct, innovative, and fully regulated financial products” which enable companies to build their own project portfolio. Monetization wise, goodcarbon takes a transaction fee on their platform, similar to other marketplace models. The fee is paid by the companies or investors.

The platform’s products

  1. goodcarbon Credits

Sell or buy 1 ton of already captured or avoided CO2 today and compensate for historic emissions.

  1. goodcarbon Forwards

Sell or buy 1 ton of CO2 at an agreed price with delivery on a future date to compensate for future emissions.

  1. goodcarbon Shares

Sell or buy a fractional ownership of a project’s future carbon stream to cover the baseload need for future carbon credits.

Currently, throughout all competitor products, several market problems have been identified. For nature-based solution offers, there is a limited availability of high-quality projects and limited transparency for corporates wanting to offset their carbon footprint. To tackle this issue, goodcarbon is aiming at high-quality and trustworthy carbon and biodiversity credits through technology and science-based project selection. This way, they can offer their customers a solid and transparent portfolio. 

Another pressing issue is price and volume exposure in the carbon offsetting market, which means that there is a lack of standardised forward carbon credits at scale. Goodcarbon enables companies secure hedging of future carbon credit needs through asset- backed forward credits and share investments. This way customers enjoy easy and convenient purchasing and management of their carbon credits through a regulated digital platform with hidden fees.

Tightly connected to that, another issue is the intransparent pricing of current actors in the market, which gives customers limited control over the purchasing process of carbon credits. The digital platform guarantees compliant credit purchasing and management across global organizations. This way it is possible  to purchase future carbon credits today at an agreed upon price.

About goodcarbon

  • Founded in June, 2021
  • Headquarters in Berlin
  • Current team of 35 employees
  • 2 Nature-based Solutions onboarded

Jerome Cochet, Co-Founder & MD of goodcarbon 

With a strong business and marketing background, Jerome previously worked for the likes of McKinsey & Co, and Zalando, where he founded Zalando Marketing Services. 

As an avid nature and outdoors lover, Jerome always sought a way to combine this passion with his professional life and do his part to fight climate change, support biodiversity, and the local communities who are impacted.

David Diallo, Co-Founder & MD of goodcarbon

As serial entrepreneur, David successfully founded Good Impact Ventures and a number of companies that are part of its family including enorm magazine, GoodJobs, GoodNews, and now goodcarbon. 

David was inspired by meeting Alexandra Cousteau and Fritz Neumeyer, founders of Oceans 2050, and discovered the untapped power oceans have to fight climate change. 


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