German Startup Valuecase raised €3.5M funding

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Valuecase, a Hamburg-based SaaS startup, has raised €3.5M pre-seed funding round led by Picus Capital, XAnge, and 10x Founders, with angel investors including Rubin Ritter (Zalando), Felix Jahn (McMakler and Home24), and Jonathan Benhamou (PeopleDoc and Resilience Care).

Fund Usage

Valuecase’s funding will help them implement their go-to-market strategy and further develop their products. They plan to increase the capabilities of their product’s automation and analytics.

The company provides salespeople with tools to quickly create white-labeled workspaces for their clients. These mutual action plans in the workspace contain useful information that helps sales teams align with their clients. Additionally, the data provided by Valuecase helps salespeople close more deals.
Valuecase collaborates with clients like Workmotion of Germany and Welcome to the Jungle in France.

Co-founder Lennart Prange believes business to business sellers treat prospects the same as they did 15 years ago. This approach creates a nerve-racking and cumbersome buying process, which is the opposite of what consumer focused businesses try to accomplish.

Xange’s Arnaud Baraer said their company was convinced by the ambition and international profile of Valuecase’s product to back their company. They believe B2B sales are being revolutionized by the product.
Oliver Heinrich from Picus Capital said the team’s product strategy had great vision and clarity from the beginning. Jan Niklas and Lennart Harning were the two people involved in this statement, who both are members of the team. They worked quickly to create a sophisticated B2B SaaS that changes how B2B buyers and sellers interact, work together and finalize deals.

Valuecase was founded in Hamburg in 2021 by Dr. Jan Niklas Wick and Lennart Prange. The company’s name is derived from the English word value and the German abbreviation case. Valuecase’s primary goal is to streamline the connection between teams that interact with customers and their buyers. Their software allows these customer-facing teams to develop microsites as the customer’s single interface. These sites contain all important data and can be used for collaborative components like action plans shared between internal stakeholders.

Founders Background

Dr. Jan Niklas Wick worked for Valuecase as supervisor of data and insights transformations. His other responsibilities included human resources, accounting and customer success. He received his Master of Science in Finance from the London School of Economics and Entrepreneurial Finance PhD from Technical University Hamburg.

Lennart Prange worked as a web developer and designer prior to becoming a business consultant. After finishing his Masters of Science in Finance from HEC Paris, he became a corporate strategy and business development consultant. Prange is currently the sales and product manager at Valuecase.


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