German Bionic secures €15M for AI-Powered Robotic Exoskeletons enhancing Workplace Safety

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Bionic from Germany secures €15M for AI-Powered Robotic Exoskeletons enhancing Workplace Safety
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German Bionic, a Bavaria-based robotics firm specializing in smart power suits and wearable technologies, has announced a significant €15 million extension to its Series A funding round.

This investment, led by German automotive supplier Mubea and supported by various investors, is set to scale up the company’s market activities and production to meet growing demand in industry, logistics, and healthcare.


Revolutionizing Occupational Safety with Smart Power Suits

German Bionic, led by CEO Armin G. Schmidt, is at the forefront of manufacturing electrically powered back exoskeletons for industry, logistics, and healthcare sectors. These exoskeletons, equipped with self-learning and artificial intelligence, support lifting movements and prevent poor posture, becoming an intelligent link between humans and machines.

The Apogee Series: AI-Based Wearables for the Workplace

German Bionic’s products, including the Apogee and Apogee+, are the world’s first AI-based, fully-connected robotic wearables designed for the workplace. The Apogee+ is specifically developed for the healthcare sector, providing active support for nursing staff in hospitals and care facilities when lifting and mobilizing patients. Its ergonomic early warning system offers real-time data to protect employees’ health, reduce accidents, and improve work processes.

Unique Design and GDPR Compliance

The Apogee+ features a closed unibody design, easy to disinfect and ensuring effective protection against injury risks. German Bionic’s commitment to GDPR compliance is evident in its unique front-end processing, which does not process any sensitive customer data.

Collaboration with Mubea and Market Expansion

German Bionic is intensifying its collaboration with Mubea, its industrialization partner, to meet the escalating demand for smart occupational safety systems. This strategic investment strengthens the partnership, aligning with German Bionic’s growth objectives.

Customers and Healthcare Collaborations

Among German Bionic’s customers are global logistics companies like DPD, Dachser, Fiege, and large retailers such as Canadian Tire and Currys. The company also collaborates with renowned healthcare institutions like Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and BG Unfallklinikum Murnau.

Investor’s Perspective

Mubea, known for its innovative lightweight solutions in automotive, aerospace, and micromobility, sees the strengthening of its partnership with German Bionic as a commitment to advancing sustainable mobility solutions. Dr. Thomas Muhr, Managing Partner of Mubea, highlights the alignment of both companies’ expertise and growth objectives.

Pioneering a Safer Workplace

German Bionic’s latest funding round marks a significant advancement in the field of workplace safety. With its AI-powered exoskeletons, the company is set to transform occupational health and safety, ensuring a resilient and motivated workforce for the future.


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