Gaiyo, a Dutch mobility startup, enhances service offerings with acquisition of Mobility Mixx in Almere

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Gaiyo, a Dutch mobility startup, enhances service offerings with acquisition of Mobility Mixx in Almere
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Gaiyo, a Netherlands-based Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider enabling users to access various forms of shared and public mobility, has recently completed the acquisition of Mobility Mixx, a Dutch counterpart owned by MHC Mobility Europe BV. Mobility Mixx, established in 2001, specializes in delivering mobility solutions to businesses in the Netherlands and strives to become the leading corporate mobility solution across Europe.

The company utilizes its user interface, comprising a portal and app, along with a mobility card, to cater to clients’ fleet integration, mobility, and expenditure management requirements. Through this intelligent and customized solution, both employers and employees can create their desired mobility mix, tailored to the specific needs of their respective companies.

The platform seamlessly connects an extensive array of transportation and transport service providers, encompassing public transport, automobiles, e-bikes, scooters, refueling, loading, parking, and more. This integration enables the registration and streamlined billing of all journeys.

Among Mobility Mixx’s clientele are renowned companies such as VodafoneZiggo, Tesla, Wageningen University & Research, the Municipality of The Hague, Hunter Douglas, Eiffel, Dille & Kamille, Europcar, and Elastic.

Simplify Your Transportation with a Single App

The app serves as a personal travel assistant, originally introduced in 2020 by Innovactory. As of January 1, 2023, Innovactory rebranded itself as Gaiyo, deriving its name from the Japanese term for ‘overview.’

With the Gaiyo App, users gain access to a comprehensive real-time overview of various travel options and potential combinations. It provides essential information such as departure and arrival times, travel duration, and associated costs. Users can explore transportation modes including trains, trams, buses, as well as shared mobility services.

Furthermore, the app conveniently presents the operational hours of connected public transit networks, enabling users to plan their journeys accordingly.

Currently, a multitude of parking apps are available in the Netherlands, including Amber, ConnectCar, Greenwheels, MyWheels, and Sixt Share, among others. However, these options have exhibited minimal differences in terms of pricing and offered services. This is where Gaiyo stands out.

Gaiyo claims to be the most affordable parking app in the Netherlands. It not only provides cost-effective parking options but also offers additional practical transit features, all without imposing transaction or subscription fees.


Through the mobile app, users can plan their routes, obtain traffic congestion updates, purchase train tickets, and even reserve shared rides. The company was established in 2013 by a team of experienced TomTom employees, including CEO Lucien Groenhuijzen (former TomTom board member), COO Maurice Mulders, and CTO Steven Lagerweij.

In 2022, Gaiyo Business was introduced, specifically catering to corporate clients. This enables employees to plan, reserve, and utilize various shared services, public transit, and parking facilities, all through a single app and account, covering both work and personal trips.

Employers have the ability to manage their employees and available options within Gaiyo by utilizing the Gaiyo Business portal. Additionally, all transaction summaries and invoices can be accessed through this platform.

Objectives of this Acquisition

With the acquisition, Gaiyo expands its service portfolio for corporate clients. This strategic move enables Gaiyo to offer an extensive array of services, including the utilization of OV-chip cards for commuting, convenient options for recharging or refueling, efficient management of mobility budgets, and the ability to track employees’ CO2 emissions. These emission tracking capabilities are particularly significant as employers will be obligated to comply with such requirements starting in 2024.

Regarding Gaiyo Business, the acquisition has significantly enhanced the company’s presence in the commercial sector, leading to a remarkable 50 percent increase in its user base.

Gaiyo expresses, “While our primary emphasis has been on serving consumers in recent years, the addition of Mobility Mixx has brought over a hundred new business accounts to Gaiyo Business.”

Furthermore, this acquisition plays a vital role in advancing Gaiyo’s sustainability objectives. The company aims to reduce CO2 emissions by an impressive 70,000 tonnes within a span of five years.


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