GaeaStar Secures $6.5 Million In Seed Funding For Its Eco-Friendly Clay Cups And Bowls Using 3D Printing Technology

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GaeaStar is influenced by the ancient Indian culture and employs 3-D printing technology to fabricate cups and bowls utilizing clay, water, and salt. These containers decompose into dust after disposal, creating no detrimental waste. Following its success in generating high product demand in Germany, the startup has planned to launch a pilot program with Verve Coffee Roasters, a California-based company, in 2023. The initiative aims to introduce the startup’s groundbreaking solutions to North American consumers and businesses. The company has declared that it has secured $6.5 million in seed funding from various investors, including Morningside Technology Ventures, At Inc. Ventures, Dart Labs Ventures, VSC Ventures, Sand Hill Angels, Climate Capital Ventures, and several others.

GaeaStar, a technology company headquartered in San Francisco and Berlin, is introducing its “drink to dust” technology in the United States. The company’s objective is to diminish our reliance on single-use plastics by producing ultra-thin clay containers. These cups and bowls are manufactured utilizing high-speed additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, and contain only three simple ingredients: clay, water, and salt. Furthermore, these containers are geoneutral, indicating that they are composed of natural materials derived from the Earth and produce zero hazardous waste. The containers may be disposed of in regular trash or crushed on the ground, where they will disintegrate into dust. Recycling is no longer required or necessary.

GaeaStar has received $6.5 million in seed funding from various investors, including Morningside Technology Ventures, At Inc. Ventures, Dart Labs Ventures, Sand Hill Angels, VSC Ventures, and Climate Capital Ventures, after gaining over a million unit orders and significant product demand from its initial launch in Germany. The company intends to introduce its products in the United States, commencing in San Francisco.

Our planet is presently producing more plastic waste than ever before. In 2021, we generated over 40 million metric tons of plastic, yet only nine percent of all plastic ever manufactured has been recycled. However, with GaeaStar, recycling is no longer necessary.


GaeaStar has taken inspiration from “Kuhlars,” a 5,000-year-old clay cup, and transformed it into a contemporary solution. The company has adopted the ancient Indian practice of using disposable clay cups for drinking that can be thrown away or shattered on the ground without causing environmental harm. By combining this cultural custom with cutting-edge technology, the company has developed a practical solution to our single-use waste problem.

Sanjeev Mankotia, the Founder and CEO of GaeaStar, stated that it is difficult to find sustainable food and beverage containers that are not only environmentally friendly but also exceptional products overall. However, their technology provides a solution that is convenient for disposal without harming the planet, while also offering users a high-quality experience. The company believes that the solution to reducing plastic waste is to create something that originates and returns to the Earth in the same form. GaeaStar’s technology has the potential to be scaled for future generations without adding more harmful waste to landfills and waterways.


How it Works

GaeaStar’s clay containers provide an enhanced on-the-go dining experience that is far superior to soggy paper straws or plastic packaging that contains harmful chemicals. These ultra-thin containers are ten times stronger than paper cups. The company sources the raw materials locally and utilizes a micro-factory model for product delivery to minimize the environmental impact from beginning to end.

These containers are somewhere in between single-use and reusable options. They can be safely taken home and reused multiple times with proper care. Users can still dispose of them guilt-free and without any adverse impact on the environment. Consumers now have a choice for the first time.

GaeaStar can print each container in an average of 30 seconds. At scale, the cost of the containers is comparable to single-use incumbents, which enables businesses to move towards their sustainability goals in a cost-effective manner. Utilizing GaeaStar’s products in a business may involve:

  • Branded on-the-go cups for a coffee shop or juice bar 
  • Welcome drinks in your hotel lobby
  • Trendy ice cream containers for frozen delights, as seen at Berlin ice cream manufacturer “Rosa Canina” or “Eisweiler”

Sophie Lamparter, Managing Partner of DART Labs Ventures, said, “The amount of single-use plastic waste accumulating in our environment is alarming, and recycling is not a sustainable solution. GaeaStar and its team have presented a practical solution without requiring significant changes in human behavior. It is effortless for us to play our part in creating a future with less waste. Our team is honored to be a part of this journey and witness GaeaStar revolutionize the plastic alternatives market.”

Coffee Lovers Rejoice

As part of its expansion into the United States, GaeaStar has partnered with Verve Coffee Roasters in California to pilot its clay coffee cups. This collaboration will provide Verve customers at select cafes with a more environmentally friendly option for certain food and drink orders, while also allowing GaeaStar to refine its initial container design to meet the needs of Verve and other American businesses.

“Our goal is not only to shape the future of coffee, but also to safeguard its future – and that entails being more deliberate and sustainable in everything we do. Our customers are mindful of how their choices affect the planet, and we believe they will be thrilled with this more eco-friendly alternative to enjoy their daily cup,” stated Colby Barr, Co-Founder of Verve Coffee Roasters. “We are honored to partner with GaeaStar to help pioneer a more sustainable solution while maintaining the high-quality experience we aim to deliver with every customer interaction.”

Visit to join the movement against single-use plastic and to find out more information.


About GaeaStar

GaeaStar, founded in 2021, is a company that’s revolutionizing the single-use plastic industry with its “drink to dust” additive-manufacturing technology. Headed by Sanjeev Mankotia, the company combines traditional Indian disposable cups with modern technology to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic products for food and beverages. With a team of seasoned engineers, scientists, designers, finance professionals, and support staff from different parts of the world, GaeaStar has developed products that significantly reduce waste and pollution while also enhancing the user experience and lowering the actual cost.


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