French Startup Outsight raises €22M

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Paris-based startup Outsight is developing real-time 3D LiDAR perception solutions. They received €22 million in funding from the Defense Innovation Fund managed by Bpifrance and Energy Innovation Capital.

Past investors include BNP Paribas, SPDG, Demeter, Safran and Faurecia; Groupe ADP also participated as a current shareholder.

The company’s product roadmap includes upcoming Edge and Cloud Processing updates with additional funding.

Real-Time 3D LiDAR Perception Solutions

Outsight creates 3D LiDAR perception solutions that are real time. The company hopes to make plug-and-play spatial intelligence so its technology can be used outside of vehicle applications.

The company claims that their LiDAR-based airport solution has already been tested around the world. These tests took place in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America as well as at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

LiDAR hardware produces a high volume of data that causes several issues. A handful of specialists can handle the hardware on their own— but performance is high and costs are low. Several different vendors create different LiDAR systems— but no standardization has been established across them.

Raul Bravo, the President and founder of Outsight, explains that Lidar is no longer solely used in self-driven cars. It’s now the go-to technology in many large-scale applications thanks to technological advancements that were made as a result.

LiDAR hardware technology from any vendor can be harnessed faster and more easily with software created by French company.
The best and simplest approach is this.

Outsight’s new Cloud-based LiDAR processing solution offers a number of benefits. First, it processes dynamic scenes with several tens of Petabytes of 3D data. This allows for accurate Automatic 3D Data Annotation and Digital Twin applications. Second, the solution works with Outsight’s technology to integrate with existing solutions.

ECA Group, Groupe ADP and Stellantis use Outsight for their mobile robotics, Industrial applications and Smart Vehicles and Automotive markets. Additionally, many of Outsight’s customers are found in the Smart Infrastructure sector (which is represented by Group Outsight).

At Bpifrance, the main business of the company is supporting new growth by providing funding for Outsight’s early stages of development. They’re very excited about Outsight’s upcoming growth stage because of their unique software-based approach to LIDAR. This simplifies LIDAR use and reduces overall costs for deployment. Bpifrance manages this through their participation in the company as a stakeholder.

In the future, autonomous vehicles offer more than just increased 3D awareness and mobility— they also give the opportunity for autonomy beyond that. This is thanks to the massive potential of undiscovered intelligence, according to Christopher Smith, Managing Director of Energy Innovation Capital.

Outsight’s unique approach to data processing provides a solution to the impenetrable raw data problem. Their technically superior tool opens up new possibilities for widespread adoption by solving the intricate challenge of analyzing data. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Outsight as we continue to expand.
As of current, he indicates that the US and global markets consider this to be true.


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