French Medtech Startup BCV secures €6M for Innovative Endovascular Technology

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French Medtech Startup BCV secures €6M for Innovative Endovascular Technology
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BCV (Basecamp Vascular), a Paris-based medtech company, has announced a significant achievement in its funding journey, securing €6 million in a Series A round.

This round, led by New York-based Forepont Capital Partners and supported by other investors, brings the total amount raised since inception to €13 million.

Advancing Endovascular Access and Navigation

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Raphaël Blanc, Jean-Baptiste Cazeneuve, Jérôme Szewczyk, and Michel Boulaire as a spin-off from the Intelligent Robotic Systems Laboratory (ISIR) at Sorbonne University and the Rothschild Foundation Hospital, BCV has developed a mechatronic shape memory alloy guidewire. This technology provides practitioners with direct access and navigation during minimally invasive endovascular procedures.


The Technology Behind BCV

BCV’s patented innovation involves an actuable guidewire controlled by a smart handle and a generator. The system incorporates shape-memory alloy technology, allowing for distal tip control, which enhances practitioners’ precision and demonstrates superior performance compared to existing advanced actuation technologies. This steerable mechatronic guidewire is designed to enhance safety, reduce procedure time, and produce better outcomes, supporting critical interventions for stroke or artery diseases.

Clinical Trials and Regulatory Progress

The company achieved its first-in-human clinical trial in 2022 at Rothschild Foundation Hospital in Paris and filed a pre-submission application with the FDA. The startups technology, applied to a guidewire, is expected to be a disruptive change in minimally invasive procedures, improving patient outcomes.

Use of Funds

The newly secured funds will accelerate the development of BCV’s active mechatronic guidewires, covering the entire process from manufacturing to market launch. The company has already established a manufacturing plant in Reims to ensure in-house manufacturing and support R&D efforts focused on miniaturization.

The Investor: Forepont Capital Partners

Forepont Capital Partners, a healthcare and life science venture capital firm based in New York, led the funding round. The VC invests in early-stage companies whose science and technology positively impact patients’ lives. Frederic Batoua, a Partner at Forepont Capital Partners, expressed pride in leading the companies Series A raise, supporting the advancement of BCV’s superior technology.

CEO’s Vision for BCV

CEO Thierry Col highlighted the importance of scaling carbon dioxide removal to address the climate crisis. He expressed confidence that the seed funding would enable the company to better meet demand and reach the climate potential of the french firm.

Conclusion: Pioneering in Medtech Innovation

BCV’s Series A funding round marks a pivotal moment in the field of medtech innovation. With its groundbreaking technology in endovascular procedures, BCV is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the healthcare sector, enhancing patient care and advancing medical technology.


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