French AI and cloud media startup Newsbridge raises €7M

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French AI and cloud media startup Newsbridge raises €7M
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French AI and cloud media startup Newsbridge has just raised €7 million in Series A funding. The investment round was led by Supernova Invest (which backed Continuity and Contentsquare) alongside continued support from VC Elaia Partners and angel investor Dominique Edelin.

New Office In New York

To continue expansion in North America, Newsbridge opened an office in New York after securing funding. The company also plans to hire top engineers in media and artificial intelligence to continue research on Multimodal AI Indexing for media assets.

The startup’s revolutionary Multi Mode AI system combines results from multiple sources to index information. This helps the system produce extremely detailed search results and metadata. Traditional AI systems typically only use one source for indexing.
Newsbridge Co-Founder and CEO Philippe Petitpont announced his company had obtained additional financing. In addition to opening their first US office in New York, Petitpont announced his company would hire regional managers to expand its business in Europe and the Middle East. Additionally, Newsbridge announced plans to improve content searchability through more AI and media engineering hires. Furthermore, Petitpont stated his company’s goal was to lower both Newsbridge and its customers’ carbon footprint. In order to complete one hour of AI-powered media processing, 450 watt hours of energy is currently required. Over the next two years, the team at

Supernova Investment Director Romain Sautrau said the following: “Newsbridge is a mature industry offering a new approach through Artificial Intelligence. We were impressed with the AI-empowered platform’s multimodal deep learning capability. We’re eager to lead Newsbridge’s growth into new locations.”
Newsbridge co-founder and CTO Frederic Petipont says, “Content easily searchable through AI-powered indexing is tomorrow’s archive. Today’s live events can be accessed by navigating specific moments in vast media collections. By unlocking new revenue streams, easily searchable content transforms into tomorrow’s archive.”

Founded By Twin Brothers

Twin brothers Frederic and Philippe Petitpont co-founded the company in 2016. Their goal was to provide a new method of audiovisual content storage, management and indexing for media teams. With Newsbridge, content can be accessed anywhere and at any time. This also allows organizations to line up with sustainability goals without increasing their carbon footprint.

Their Multimodal AI Indexing system is the most advanced on the market. It allows organizations to access their content from anywhere in a single click. This also allows them to preserve their heritage while creating new sources of income, faster workflow and content that lasts forever.
The solution allows users to easily manage and organize media assets in a smart way. This includes making archival backups that are future-ready, clipping content, retrieving content, showcasing content for monetization and accessing live recordings.

Newsbridge recently won new customers Bayer Leverkusen, Olympique de Marseille, SWR Media and Brut. In the last year, their recurring revenue has increased by over 100%.


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