Deeptech Startup FononTech secures €2.3M to advance Micro-Electronic Parts Printing Technology

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Deeptech Startup FononTech secures €2.3M to advance Micro-Electronic Parts Printing Technology
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FononTech, a deep-tech startup based in Eindhoven, has announced the successful completion of a €2.3M seed round of funding.

TTT Smart Industries Fund, SHIFT Invest, Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij (BOM), the Brabant Startup Fonds (BSF), and renowned investor Sake Bosch have provided a convertible loan of €2.3M to FononTech, the Dutch startup based in Eindhoven.

The funding will be utilized by the company to further develop its printed micro-electronics technology and prepare for the upcoming scale-up phase. FononTech’s CEO, Rob Hendriks, expresses enthusiasm, stating, “With the micro-electronics assembly market projected to double to approximately €78B in the next five years, we are thrilled that our investors have placed their confidence in us to secure a significant share of this market.”


About FononTech

Established in 2022 as a spin-off of TNO at Holst Centre in Eindhoven, the company specializes in impulse printing, a groundbreaking technology for printing small electronic circuits used in electronic devices.

Traditionally, lithography has been the go-to method for chip electronic connections. However, current lithography-based processes involve numerous intricate steps, resulting in high carbon emissions that are challenging to mitigate.

Fabien Bruning, the CTO of FononTech, emphasizes the limitations of traditional manufacturing techniques, stating, “We have reached the edge of what traditional methods can achieve. Our Impulse Printing™ Technology solution will surpass these limits.”

The startup is actively assembling a team of engineers to develop their first industrial R&D system, the Impulse Beta Tool.

Through Impulse Printing technology, micro-electronics manufacturing can be reduced by a factor of 1000, revolutionizing the industry.

Rob Hendriks, CEO of FononTech, expresses their ambition to become the global leader in sustainable assembly and manufacturing of micro-electronics. To achieve this goal, they aim to scale up rapidly, with the recent investment serving as a significant catalyst on their journey.


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