Picus Capital funds Flawless with $1 million in pre-seed capital

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Flawless, a London-based “data activation platform,” has just emerged from stealth mode with $1 million in pre-seed capital from Picus Capital.

The platform offers a no-code solution for managing and leveraging existing data in businesses. With businesses in the last-mile delivery sector, marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms, there are various backend operations that need to be managed, leading to often inefficient quick fixes and Excel sheets.


Flawless aims to resolve this by integrating databases and data warehouses, enabling businesses to move their data into centralized cloud-based sources. The platform has already conducted closed-beta testing with companies such as Romanian food delivery firm Tazz by Emag, UK watch marketplace Subdial, and US healthcare startup Belle as clients.

Picus Capital Partner Oliver Heinrich commented on the investment, stating that the company has the potential to disrupt a market where most operations teams still use Excel.


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