Fintech Muse raised $20M to help UK Business Owners with short-term cash flow

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Muse Finance, a small, medium, and growing business finance company in London, obtained a $20M debt facility to help companies with invoice and supply finance.

Muse has planned their Series A funding round for early 2023. They have just obtained a new debt facility of $96M, which is more than they have ever gotten in funding to date.

The company wants to expand quickly, and needs the funds for that. The funds would also be used to support their customers in the UK, such as making sure that more companies have the opportunity to use their combined business and invoice finance solution, which helps businesses pay their suppliers overseas.


Ann Marie Juliano started Muse Finance, which gives small business owners a 90-day financial snapshot and quick funding.

Traditional lenders take longer to provide funds than the platform.

Muse has helped small businesses access funds on over 36,000 of their invoices. The company is based in the UK and has already helped finance over 5,000 customers.

Muse co-founder and CEO Ann Marie Juliano says that Muse has raised an additional $20 million in debt funding, to help small biz in the UK. She notes that Muse is specifically designed to provide businesses with quick access to money, to help them grow and expand. Current pressure on businesses across the world is related to cash flow management, and Muse hopes to provide even more funding to small but ambitious companies.


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