Fiat Republic from UK bags €6.4M and secures EMI Licence from De Nederlandsche Bank

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Fiat Republic, a London-based Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, has raised $7 million (approximately €6.4 million) in a Seed extension round. This investment will enable the fintech startup to accelerate growth and expansion by strategically hiring new personnel, strengthening banking partnerships, and expanding into new territories.

In addition to the funding, Fiat Republic has secured a full electronic money institution (EMI) licence from De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). This licence enables Fintech to provide regulated financial services across the European Economic Area, complementing their established EMI licence in the UK.


Fiat-as-a-Service Platform

Led by CEO and co-founder Adam Bialy, Fiat Republic is a Fiat-as-a-Service platform that aggregates local fiat rails for crypto platforms via a single API. The company enables crypto platforms to easily embed fiat payments into their platform, delivering frictionless pay-ins and pay-outs for their users.

Bridging Web2 and Web3

The startup has built a new category, Web2.5, which serves as the connectivity tissue between banks and crypto platforms, accelerating global crypto adoption. The company focuses on AML, compliance, and security to align traditional finance with crypto providers more closely.

Investor Confidence

The funding round includes first-time investments from Kraken Ventures, Fabric Ventures, Arca,, and Pretiosum Ventures, along with existing investors Speedinvest, Credo Ventures, and Seedcamp. Anil Hansjee, General Partner at Fabric Ventures, praised Fiat Republic’s innovative approach in bridging traditional banking and web3. Michal Benedykcinski, SVP at Arca, expressed enthusiasm for Fiat Republic’s mission to bridge the gap between traditional banking and the financial needs of web3 projects.

Advancing Fintech Innovation

The funding round and the acquisition of the Dutch EMI licence mark significant advancements in the fintech sector. The company is well-positioned to redefine banking experiences for crypto platforms across Europe, contributing to the evolution of financial services in the digital age.


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