Facia secures $1.2M to propel Facial Detection Technology Advancements

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Facia secures $1.2M to propel Facial Detection Technology Advancements
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London’s face recognition technology company, Facia, revealed that it has successfully raised $1.2M (approximately €1M) in a funding round led by angel investor Programmers Force.

Khurram A., the CEO of Programmers Force, confidently expresses, “The recognition technology is the future, and we firmly believe that Facia will be at the forefront of this industry. Our aim is to support their growth, facilitate their entry into new markets, and foster continuous innovation in their technology to achieve revolutionary results for the future of digital security.”

The startup plans to leverage the raised funds to expedite their research and development endeavors, paving the way for expansion into new markets, with a particular focus on North America, Europe, and MENA regions.


About Facia

Facia, under the leadership of Mujadad Naeem, stands as a pioneering force in biometric authentication and face recognition technology.

Employing advanced liveness detection and facial analysis algorithms, the company’s technology enables precise identification and verification processes.

The company’s facial recognition technology proves instrumental in streamlining processes and bolstering security measures across diverse industries, including finance, retail, healthcare, and government services, within the United Kingdom.

Remarkably, their technological prowess allows them to develop customized solutions without the need for specific hardware requirements, tailored to suit the unique needs of each business.

Presently, the London-based company offers a comprehensive range of services, including biometric authentication, face matching, liveness detection, photo ID verification, age estimation, and more.

Mujadad Naeem, the CEO of the UK-based company, expresses his gratitude to those who support their vision, especially Programmers Force. He emphasizes the profound impact Facia’s product has on businesses worldwide, enabling them to deliver seamless onboarding experiences to their customers and revolutionizing the landscape of digital security.


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