Eyr, a Norwegian e-healthcare startup, secures €1.8M funding to fuel growth in medical consultation services

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Eyr, a Norwegian e-healthcare startup, secures €1.8M funding to fuel growth in medical consultation services
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Eyr, a startup specializing in e-health services based in Oslo, revealed on Thursday, May 25th, its successful attainment of NOK 22M (equivalent to approximately €1.84M) in a recent funding round.

Investinor, a government-funded investment firm, emerged as the primary contributor, providing just under half of the capital and becoming Eyr’s largest shareholder. The majority of the remaining funds were contributed by TV2 Invest, Aventia, and several other previous investors.

Eyr’s Offer

Established in 2016 by Karl Martin Lind, Eyr strives to enhance people’s healthcare accessibility and empower them with comprehensive health data insights. With a vision to construct and deliver cutting-edge healthcare services, Eyr operates with the mission of “Building and delivering tomorrow’s healthcare services!”

The company offers video consultations with doctors and a range of telehealth services to employees in businesses through insurance agreements (B2B), as well as providing direct sales to patients (B2C).

Presently, Eyr is operational in the Nordics, boasting a team of doctors and psychologists in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

As stated on the company’s website, Eyr employs a team of 15 staff members along with 30 physicians based in Norway and Denmark, committed to delivering healthcare services around the clock, every day of the year.

The company emphasizes its ongoing efforts to enhance its services and continually explore innovative ideas, with the aim of increasing accessibility to healthcare for a broader population. Eyr affirms its dedication to improving the overall health services for most individuals.


Capital Usage

Kine Skjervum-Karlsen, the CEO and Managing Director of Eyr, expresses the company’s plans with the newly acquired capital, stating, “With this fresh infusion of funds, our focus remains on creating high-quality, secure, and easily accessible healthcare services. We will prioritize growth while also working towards achieving profitability and operational efficiency.”

Skjervum-Karlsen further mentions, “Our target is to achieve profitability within a span of 14 to 18 months.”

Over the past six months, the startup claims to have made significant progress, particularly in the realm of digital consultations, with a notable increase in mental health services.

Skjervum-Karlsen elaborates, “There is a growing demand for psychological support. In addition to video talk therapy, we have developed a self-help program supported by psychologists, specifically designed for individuals facing mild to moderate challenges related to rumination, anxiety, depression, sleep, and low self-esteem.”

“Since its introduction to the market, the service has garnered significant traction, and we anticipate conducting approximately 8,000 psychological consultations throughout the year,” she further notes.

Enhancing Accessibility to Health Services

Investinor emphasizes its active involvement in Eyr, with Investment Director Patrick Sandahl recognizing a significant demand in Norway for more “innovative” services in the field of mental disorder treatment.

Sandahl highlights the current issue, stating, “Many places are facing full capacity and long waiting times for mental health assistance. No individual with mental health concerns should have to endure extended waiting periods to receive help. Hence, we require new treatment methods that can reach individuals wherever they may be.”

“In addressing these challenges, innovative services like digital platforms and video consultations can play a crucial role,” Sandahl further emphasizes.

Sandahl believes that enterprises such as Eyr contribute to the development of a more inclusive and accessible healthcare system for a larger population. He concludes, “Eyr is well-positioned to make a positive impact in these areas.”


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