Everstores raised €18M

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Everstores raised €18M
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Some brands saw top line growth and reached critical mass with D2C orders, but many found it difficult to make a profit due to high marketing, operation, and data complexity, as well as the cost of software and data. Instead of struggling with this fate, they should have looked to the future with D2C.

D2C is a challenging space with structural issues that persist for long tail segments. Despite this, D2C is a successful financial and brand building environment.

Closes €18M Funding

Berlin-based Everstores is a young startup financed through seed and pre-seed rounds. Earlybird Venture Capital led the financing process, which also included Viola Credit, Picus Capital and top-tier angels. The company uses software and data to help grow small Direct-to-Consumer brands at scale. They’re building a tech platform that employs data and software to acquire and grow brands.

Everstores plans to launch its company more publicly thanks to additional funding. The €10 million in debt and €8 million in equity funds its tech platform construction, D2C merchant liquidity and hiring plans. Top talent from finance, e-commerce and tech fields are expected to join Everstores’ team as a result.

Everstores is a company focused on improving the structural challenges facing small e-commerce stores. Its mission is to discover how to apply data-driven technological principles to help small businesses grow. Its co-founders and CEOs Kristoffer Herskind and describe its vision as being able to unlock the D2C asset class on a large scale.

Everstores’ co-founders and CEOs Carlos Lopez and Evandro A. Fortes both believe granular customer data can be used to identify signs of product-market fit. They decided to optimize for this data through a capital allocation lens by leveraging ownership of Everstores.

Everstores is opening doors with its open-ended problems by connecting the best engineers and data scientists. Its CTO Kirill Martynov stated that the company approached every problem from first principles by believing that technology could solve everyone’s woes.

D2C is an asset class that can be unlocked through Everstores’ leading tech platform. Tim Rehder, Partner at Earlybird, believes this can be done meaningfully through data and software. The cofounders of Everstores are committed to unlocking D2C at scale through their mission.

Sebastian Schaefer, an investor at Picus Capital, affirmed that No Market Solution currently provides D2C entrepreneurs with a viable exit path. He noted that Everstores’ focus on brands outside of Amazon allows for the growth of acquired businesses. Additionally, the platform’s interplay of technology and data allows for the identification of brands with strong product market fit. Going forward, Everstores will be supported by Schaefer and his team.

Operates Like Classic Investment Funds

Kristoffer Herskind Carlos Lopez and Kirill Martynov started Everstores earlier this year. The company uses machine learning models to quickly and accurately price D2C assets, such as ads and e-commerce stores. It does this by connecting a merchant’s Shopify data to a portal that provides a free data-driven analysis and valuation of their business.

Everstores uses its operating system to replace existing operations to automate decision-making and drive consistently superior performance. Once a brand becomes Ever stores’ property, they replace operations with their OS to achieve higher performance.

Everstores’ OS understands the optimal pricing for each product based on large data sets. This OS has big data on hand to determine the best customers to target with effective marketing campaigns. It also manages inventory in a way that best fits demand.


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