Ethmar International Holding from Abu Dhabi invests in Al Ain Pharmacy

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Ethmar International Holding from Abu Dhabi invests in Al Ain Pharmacy
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Health Plus Holding, a subsidiary of Ethmar International Holding (EIH), has made an investment in Al Ain Pharmacy Group. Ethmar has not disclosed the financial specifics or the percentage of the stake obtained in this transaction.

Al Ain Pharmacy Group has a rich history spanning more than four decades, and it has evolved into one of the largest pharmacy chains in the UAE. The company boasts an extensive network of stores across the nation.

Abu Dhabi-based Ethmar International Holding has reached a significant milestone in its healthcare expansion strategy with the acquisition of a stake in Al Ain Pharmacy Group through its subsidiary, Health Plus Holding. Ali Elgebely, Managing Director and Group CEO of EIH, emphasized that this acquisition aligns with the company’s vision to diversify investments, provide sustainable value, and maximize returns. Health Plus Holding will focus on healthcare sector investments encompassing pharmacies, hospitals, medical centers, and various healthcare facilities.

Dr. Ziad Amir Saleh, CEO of Al Ain Pharmacy Group, expressed excitement about the partnership with EIH, anticipating that it will pave the way for enhanced growth and development. This collaboration is expected to enable the delivery of more comprehensive healthcare services and an expanded role within the UAE’s healthcare landscape.


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