Estonia-based BITLEVEX secures €50M for Options-focused Crypto Trading Platform

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Estonia-based BITLEVEX secures €50M for Options-focused Crypto Trading Platform
©  Mihails Skoblovs

Estonia-based BITLEVEX, an investment platform, announced on Tuesday, August 23, that it has raised $50M (approximately €50M) in a fresh round of funding from Bahamas-based GEM Digital Limited

GEM Digital Limited invests in dozens of different exchange tokens — both centralized and decentralized — through constant searching and building.

Gem Digital Limited leads the $3.4 billion alternative investment sector. It currently has offices in New York, Paris and the Bahamas. They manages over 525 deals in 75 countries for different investment vehicles. Each vehicle has different levels of risk, return and liquidity profiles. Through its family of funds and investment vehicles, Gem Digital Limited and its partners can access small to mid-sized buyouts, public to private equity investments and some venture investments.

Capital Utilisation

BITLEVEX claims their funds will be used to increase the size of their workforce, scale their promotional strategies and develop a wider range of products. As shown in their whitepaper, these plans include adding new features to their products, launching a crypto asset marketplace, providing wallet services, making merchant payment solutions and issuing crypto debit cards.

BITLEVEX founder Mihails Skoblovs stated in a Hackernoon article that the partnership with GEM would help achieve their vision. He said this would draw attention to BITLEVEX and its products, which would help the platform scale while scaling its platform. His goal was to increase the platform’s decentralization while educating a new generation of investors.

He declared it his responsibility to work harder and hire more people when facing great uncertainty, which is what he was experiencing at the time.

What Does BITLEVEX Offer?

BITLEVEX is an investment platform launched in 2019 by Mihails Skoblovs. The name is derived from the words Bitcoin, lie and exchange. Its focus is on trading cryptocurrency options, and it has 50,000 registered users in a growing community. The company is currently releasing its own utility token called BLEX.

Skoblov told Hackernoon, “ A bear market eliminates scams and excess greed. As a result, smart investors know how to make money in both bull and bear markets. BITLEVEX’s trading tools allow users to profit the most from volatility even in a bear market.”

BITLEVEX offers cryptocurrency users Web3-compliant goods, education and services. The company has also started creating a variety of investment choices that reward regular users. This was done in order to provide onboarding for new cryptocurrency users.


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