Eligo Bioscience from France secures $30M in Series B Funding to revolutionize Genetic Medicines

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Eligo Bioscience, a Paris-based gene-editing company, has raised $30 million in a Series B funding round, marking a significant advancement in the field of genetic medicines. The funding round was led by Sanofi Ventures, with contributions from new investor Bpifrance (through its InnoBio 2 fund) and existing backers Khosla Ventures and Seventure Partners.

Eligo Bioscience’s flagship program, EB005, is at the forefront of this funding initiative. EB005 is developing a treatment for moderate to severe acne vulgaris, a condition affecting approximately 3% of the global population. This investment aims to power pre-Investigational New Drug [pre-IND] and IND activities, setting the stage for initial human data readouts during a Phase 1b/2a clinical trial. Additionally, the funding will support Eligo’s expansion into other chronic diseases, including oncology.


Transformative Biotechnological Movement

Eligo Bioscience is leading a transformative biotechnological movement by focusing on in vivo delivery of genetic cargoes to the microbiome. This approach transcends conventional gene therapy and editing, extending the range of genetic targets that can be addressed. Eligo’s technology holds the potential to dramatically alter the trajectory of various chronic and life-threatening diseases influenced by the expression of bacterial genes.

Industry Endorsement and Investment Insights

Laia Crespo, Ph.D., Partner at Sanofi Ventures, expressed excitement about leading the financing for Eligo and supporting the company as they move to the clinic. Xavier Duportet, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Eligo Bioscience, highlighted the significance of this funding, marking a pivotal moment for the company in leveraging genetic makeup manipulation within the human microbiome to tackle challenging diseases.

Eligo Bioscience’s Founding and Vision

Founded by Luciano Marraffini, Timothy Lu, Dr. David Bikard, and Xavier Duportet, Eligo Bioscience is a world leader in microbiome in vivo gene editing. The company was named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum for spearheading a diverse pipeline of precision medicines aimed at addressing unmet medical needs in immune-inflammation, oncology, and infectious diseases influenced by detrimental bacterial genes.

A Leap Forward in Genetic Medicine

Eligo Bioscience’s Series B funding round is a significant leap forward in the field of genetic medicine. With this investment, Eligo is well-positioned to make substantial progress in treating diseases by editing the genetic makeup of the human microbiome, potentially transforming the landscape of medical treatment.


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