Electriq from Israel receives €1.1 Million Grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency to establish Hydrogen Powder Plant in Amsterdam

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Electriq from Israel receives €1.1 Million Grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency to establish Hydrogen Powder Plant in Amsterdam
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Electriq Global, headquartered in Israel and a trailblazer in Solid Hydrogen Carriers, has disclosed its receipt of a €1.1 million grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

Electriq is set to establish a Hydrogen Powder manufacturing facility within the premises of Zenith Energy Terminals in Amsterdam. This plant will be sustainably powered by Zenith’s renewable energy sources and is slated to initiate operations in 2026.

The launch of this project in the Netherlands was facilitated with the invaluable support of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and its collaborator, Amsterdam in Business (aib).

Furthermore, this initiative aligns harmoniously with the vision shared by the Port of Amsterdam and the H2A association, aiming to transform the port into a pivotal hub for hydrogen carriers. Their collective aspiration is to handle a substantial 1 million tons of hydrogen by the year 2030.

Baruch Halpert, Executive Chairman and CEO of Electriq Global, expressed gratitude for the RVO’s support, stating, “We initially received exceptional assistance from the NFIA during our transition to the Netherlands. This grant marks another significant stride forward in our productive partnership with our associates in the Netherlands.”


Electriq: Pioneering Innovative Hydrogen Storage Technology

Under the guidance of Baruch Halpert, Electriq is a comprehensive provider of safe hydrogen solutions, actively engaged in the development of sustainable green fuel solutions for the clean energy sector.

Operating initially from Australia, the company extends its presence into the European Union, primarily centered in the Netherlands, while housing its cutting-edge research and development center in Israel.

At the core of Electriq’s operations lies patented technology that spans the entire spectrum of the energy ecosystem, encompassing storage, transportation, and release, with hydrogen as its foundational element.

Dr. Dmitry Lisitsin, the Head of Powder Solutions at Electriq Global, remarks, “This grant will empower us to persist in the design and engineering of the groundbreaking Electriq Powder plant. Our revolutionary technology holds the promise of substantial cost reductions in production and a remarkable reduction in carbon emissions.”

Zenith Energy Terminals: Essential Information

Zenith Energy Terminals specializes in delivering sustainable energy solutions, with a particular emphasis on the storage and handling of zero-emission fuels such as liquid hydrogen, e-fuels, and biofuels.

Jeff Armstrong, CEO of Zenith Energy Terminals, expresses his satisfaction, stating, “We are delighted to witness the RVO’s support for Electriq’s Powder plant. Our collaboration with Electriq perfectly aligns with our mutual commitment to sustainable energy solutions and marks a pivotal step in Zenith’s transition to storing zero-emission fuels at our Amsterdam terminal.”

Port of Amsterdam: Vital Maritime Hub

The Port of Amsterdam stands as a prominent European seaport leading the charge in the transition toward a sustainable society. As a pivotal logistics hub for both international and domestic trade networks, it also plays a vital role in local urban distribution.

At the heart of its mission lies a dedicated focus on bolstering the growth of biofuels, synthetic fuels, hydrogen initiatives, circular industry, and manufacturing.

Dorine Bosman, Chief Investment Officer at the Port of Amsterdam, emphasizes their strong endorsement of the Electriq Powder plant, underscoring its perfect alignment with H2A’s overarching goals. The support extended by the RVO exemplifies the close and indispensable partnership between the public and private sectors, as they collaboratively work towards realizing the hydrogen economy.

Bosman further highlights this initiative as a testament to their collective commitment to nurturing a more sustainable energy landscape within the Dutch and European markets.


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