eGabinet from Poland secures €548K to expand Market Presence and Enhance Operations

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eGabinet from Poland secures €548K to expand Market Presence and Enhance Operations
©  eGabinet / eGabinet Founder Piotr Strychalski

Puławy-based eGabinet, a leading software provider for medical facilities, has announced securing PLN 2.4M (approximately €548K) in additional funding from business angels. This investment aims to double the company’s customer base in the last year, enhancing platform functionality and delivering tailored solutions for doctors, clinic owners, and patients.

Founded in 2020, eGabinet is transforming medical facility visits with its innovative software, enabling efficient online appointment scheduling and documentation management. The cloud-based platform meets the evolving needs of patients, doctors, and medical facility owners by streamlining processes for enhanced convenience and time-saving.


CEO’s Vision for Simplified Healthcare

CEO Piotr Strychalski emphasizes the company’s mission to develop user-friendly software that simplifies patient appointment management and documentation, significantly easing the workload for medical professionals. The software’s cloud technology ensures almost instant access to data and patient history, fully integrated with medical systems for issuing e-certificates and e-prescriptions within seconds.

Expanding Functionality for Comprehensive Care

Responding to the growing needs of doctors, eGabinet plans to introduce new system functionalities, including an intuitive financial and accounting module to simplify budget management and financial liquidity control for medical facilities. This expansion underscores eGabinet’s commitment to enhancing healthcare management through technology.

Standing Out in the Medical Management Software Market

The company’s SaaS model distinguishes itself from traditional complex medical management systems with its intuitive design and zero initial fees, making it the preferred choice for medical facilities aiming to simplify tasks for staff and improve patient care standards.

Utilizing Capital for Growth and Innovation

The initial funding from Netrix Ventures in 2020 enabled software refinement, team expansion, and widespread implementations. The latest funding round ensures resources for introducing new functionalities and boosting sales efforts, positioning eGabinet for dynamic development in the rapidly evolving medical facility management software market.

With a projected market value of $13.85B by 2029 and a CAGR of 9.3%, the startup is well-placed to capitalize on the numerous opportunities in this sector, driven by its impressive growth and the recent investment boost.


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