eFriends from Austria energizes with fresh Funding from Rockstart and others

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Austria’s eFriends, a trailblazer in the energy sector, has successfully closed its second round of funding, securing an undisclosed amount to propel its open energy-sharing platform forward. This investment round saw participation from Wienerberger and VERBUND X Ventures, alongside venture capital fund Rockstart and Raiffeisen Ware Austria (RWA).

eFriends envisions a decentralized energy future where various actors, from industries to small businesses and private users, collaborate in real-time energy production and consumption. The platform champions self-sufficiency, aiming to reduce reliance on traditional energy models and offer stability amid market fluctuations.


Strategic Partnerships for Energy Transition

The investment signifies a crucial step for the startup’s vision of the energy transition. With Wienerberger, a leader in the construction industry, and VERBUND X Ventures, an experienced energy company, the firm plans to integrate energy considerations into every construction, renovation, or conversion project, fostering a more sustainable world.

Empowering Households with Green Energy

eFriends serves all households, enabling access to genuine green energy, predominantly from solar power, through their personalized network. This service is especially beneficial for homes with or without personal solar installations, promoting a cleaner energy future.

The Genesis of eFriends

Founded in 2015 by Matthias Katt, Fritz Dimmel, Klara Dimmel, and Gerd Bader, eFriends emerged from the founders’ initial frustration with the uncontrolled flow of excess electricity into the grid. Their innovative solution for real-time, location-independent electricity sharing has since grown to become Austria‘s largest energy community.

With this latest funding, the company is set to further develop its platform, aiming to scale its impact nationally and internationally, driven by a strong community and the support of new partners.


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