E-Scooter company founded by F1 driver’s father launches crowdfunding

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Bristol-based e-scooter company Pure Electric announced that they’re the first company to raise money through a crowdfunding campaign through CrowdCube.

The company plans to raise $1 million by capitalizing on their growth in Spain Belgium and France. This will help them pursue further European expansion.

According to the company’s claims, each £10 donation helps the cause by promoting a cleaner future through motorized personal transportation.

Crowdcube’s Chief Commercial Officer Matt Cooper is excited to accept Pure Electric as an investment opportunity. As more green businesses take on the challenge of urban mobility, Crowdcube investors have pushed for their investments to positively impact the world. Additionally, 74% of Crowdcube investors desired their investments to positively impact the world— making them a great opportunity for Pure Electric as well.

Pure Electric’s scooters have sold more than 200,000 units across four different markets.

A few days after making its latest line of electric scooters available to the public, a Paris event was held to announce the release.

Promoting the company’s new game-changing products with future investments will help popularize them across Europe.

Offering Sustainable Transportation

In 2018, Adam Norris started Pure Electric Motor Company to sell electric scooters to the public. This business model was deemed more sustainable and accessible than other methods of transportation.

The company’s flagship stores are located in Toulouse and London. Customers can also access the second generation of e-scooters online at Pureelectric.com.

The company announced a partnership with Currys — the UK’s largest tech retailer — through which they market e-scooters from Pure Electric on the website and 66 of its stores across the UK and Ireland.

FNAC Darty’s partnership with Pure Electric provides France and Spain with 150 points of distribution.

Adam Norris is the founder and CEO of Pure Electric; he believes that people should reduce their reliance on cars by using compact, cleaner, and more convenient transportation options. As a result, the micromobility movement has grown throughout Europe, said Norris. Our next big push is to increase popularity for e-scooters, and we recently released our new products that improve the overall experience of using the scooters. Our crowdfunding campaign is our first ever, and we’re looking forward to getting everyone involved in our cause.


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