Dutch Startup Creative Fabrica Secures $61M in Funding for Subscription Marketplace for Designers

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Creative Fabrica
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A new round of $61 million funding for Amsterdam-based startup Creative Fabrica has been announced.

Creative Fabrica is an online marketplace that lists digital designs, fonts, graphics and other content in addition to human-made materials. Plus, this website hosts artificial intelligence-generated content.

Creative Fabrica’s CF Spark is an AI toolkit that allows people to easily create artwork via text-to-image technology.

Co-founder and CEO Hillenaar explained that their partnership with OpenAI and StableDiffusion allowed them to implement AI into the products and ecosystem itself. This led them to turn their consumers into instant visual designers. They were able to create whatever designs they wanted without needing any design experience.

Creative Fabrica started out as a digital assets marketplace, but it now functions as an entire ecosystem with tools like CF Spark, online classes and educational content.

With an annual membership fee, users can access a large library of fonts and graphic assets.


The round is led by Alven in partnership with LionTree, TriplePoint and FJ Labs. Also joining the deal were Peak, Felix Capital and the existing investors.

Hillenaar commented on the latest pay raise by stating that it gave the company the resources necessary to move faster and provide support to over 100 million creators around the world.

As a partner at Alven, Thomas Cuvelier expressed his support for Creative Fabrica’s generative AI by saying it has a clear utility and adds significant value on a large scale. Cuvelier also added that the platform’s millions of users made it an ideal candidate for an AI-driven ecosystem.

AI-generated content can be difficult or time-consuming to create. It fills gaps in people’s imaginations by making things difficult or impossible for humans to create. AI-generated content also gains mass appeal thanks to its availability through leading companies like Steem and ConsenSys— which Anca Stefan and Roemie Stefan co-founded.

Creatve Fabrica said funds will be used to expand the platform’s designer network, enhance their generative AI toolkit and add to their workforce.


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