DUDE CHEM from Germany raises €6.5M in Seed Funding to revolutionize Green Chemical Production

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DUDE CHEM raises €6.5M in Seed Funding to advance Green Chemical Production

DUDE CHEM, a Berlin-based startup pioneering in green chemical manufacturing, has successfully closed a €6.5M seed funding round. The investment, co-led by Vorwerk Ventures and b2venture, with participation from Frontline, Borski Fund, Auxxo, and Push Ventures, marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey to revolutionize environmentally friendly chemical production.

DUDE CHEM is on a mission to lead the transition towards sustainable, cost-efficient, and locally oriented production in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. This funding will enable the expansion of the company’s scientific team and support the reintroduction of a flagship product, ensuring a secure supply chain for one of Europe’s leading generic drug producers.


Pioneering Green Chemistry for a Sustainable Future

As an asset-light green chemistry company, DUDE CHEM is revolutionizing the €5.5T global pharma-chemical industry by supplying eco-friendly active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. The company aims to build the next generation of pharmaceutical production in Europe through a network of manufacturers, focusing on greener and cost-efficient chemical supply.

DUDE CHEM’s patented greener production processes offer a 70% reduction in waste and 40% lower CO2 emissions while maintaining the highest quality standards. This innovative approach demonstrates that utilizing the innovation power of Green Chemistry can significantly reduce costs and support a sustainable reindustrialization.

Leadership and Vision for Chemical-Pharmaceutical Production

Co-founded by Sonja Jost (CEO), Tino Mundt (Chief Engineer), Dr. Henriette Nowothnick (CSO), and Dr. Mathis Han (Chief Data Scientist), DUDE CHEM brings together expertise in Green Chemical Production and Data Science. The team aims to revolutionize current manufacturing methods, making Europe a major hub for chemical-pharmaceutical production again and securing critical infrastructure.

With roots in the scientific cluster of excellence, Catalysis UniSysCat (formerly UniCat), at the University of Technology Berlin, DUDE CHEM’s technology is built upon decades of research conducted in European research institutes. The company also benefits from the support and investment of notable figures in the industry, including John Warner, the founder of green chemistry.

About the Lead Investors

Vorwerk Ventures, a €150M independent venture capital fund, focuses on sustainable business models with a positive impact, supporting consumer-facing digital businesses and selected B2B companies. b2venture, established in 2000, specializes in early-stage investments across Europe, deploying over €100M annually.

This seed funding round is not just a testament to DUDE CHEM’s past achievements but a bridge to its future aspirations, setting the stage for the company to scale new heights in financial innovation and inclusivity, making DUDE CHEM a key player in the sustainable transformation of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry.


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