Dreamfarm from Italy secures €5M for Plant-Based Cheese Alternatives Production

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Dreamfarm from Italy secures €5M for Plant-Based Cheese Alternatives Production
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Dreamfarm, a food tech startup situated in Parma, Italy, disclosed on Monday that it secured €5M in funding for its production of plant-based alternatives to cheese.

The funding round received support from two successful entrepreneurs—Giampaolo Cagnin, a serial entrepreneur who founded Italiana Ingredienti, Campus, and Hi-Food, and Francesco Mutti, the owner, and CEO of the Mutti Group.

“We decided to invest in this project because we see a genuine opportunity to transform the sector, leveraging significant technological advancements and distinctive, easily identifiable branding on the shelves,” mentioned Cagnin.

The Italian company intends to utilize the funds to establish a production facility in Sala Baganza (PR), equipped with specialized machinery to optimize a unique and patented production process.


Dreamfarm: Enhancing Vegan Mozzarella Quality

Established in 2021 by Maddalena Zanoni and Mattia Sandei, Dreamfarm is committed to producing entirely plant-based cheese alternatives that are delicious, health-conscious, and possess clean-label attributes.

After two years of extensive research and development, employing a patent-pending process, the company successfully introduced its initial products to the market in May 2023: two plant-based options for mozzarella and spreadable cheese. Both items received a Nutriscore A rating, crafted through the fermentation of almond paste using specifically chosen cultures.

Presently, Dreamfarm is concentrating on broadening its distribution networks in Italy and internationally, concurrently diversifying its range of products.

“Dreamfarm’s mozzarella alternative is an innovative offering with less than 1 percent saturated fat, appealing to consumers increasingly concerned about sustainability and nutritional profiles, without compromising the essence of this traditionally Italian product,” mentioned Menozzi.

“It’s a dream realized to establish a venture like Dreamfarm here and have entrepreneurs of this caliber on our team. The sector is experiencing substantial growth, and we firmly believe that we can make a global impact with the products we currently have and those we aim to develop,” Menozzi added.


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