Swedish startup Done raised €700K in Seed Round

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Sweden’s Done is the first gig platform in Europe that lets consumers use their home improvement skills to complete jobs. The startup achieved a $700,000 seed round led by Almi Invest. Done will receive additional funding to expand its team and focus on marketing in Sweden. This will help the company encourage people to keep their things instead of replacing them with newer versions. They plan to release a mobile marketplace for home services and repairs.

In 2019, Done launched as Europe’s first gig platform for craftsmen. This new service took over the industry’s most complained-about service and revolutionized the way people receive home improvement services. Done quickly grew by over 500% in the second half of 2022 and closed a Seed round of $700,000 led by Almi Invest. The company was founded by entrepreneurs Malin Granlund and Alek Åström.

2019, Done made it easier to find craftsmen through its platform. The Swedish Consumer Agency claims the home improvement industry is the most complained about sector each year. And so, Done came up with a very effective solution to reverse the trend by connecting people looking for craftsmen with those who are looking for work. Done is a platform for checking out quality professionals via video call. From there, the app helps consumers secure their renovation by providing ongoing support. In just six months, Done has grown by 500%— which have since led them to break records by launching in over 500 new markets in just one year.

Malin Granlund, CEO, and co-founder of Done said:

We are proud of our growth as a company, and track an annual turnover over SEK 30 million. Prior to investing in our technical system, we were able to quickly scale up the size of our network of craftsmen. This allowed us to offer craftsmanship in specific categories across Sweden. Our focus on customer satisfaction and developing the most satisfied customers has resulted in a 4.9 out of 5 rating for completed projects.”

The home improvement industry in Europe has a turnover of over $300 billion yearly. Approximately 80% of the businesses in this sector are small, local firms with fewer than 10 employees. These businesses largely lack digital work systems due to lagging digitization. Europeans miss the seamless purchasing process they’re used to from other industries due to poor digitization.

Alek Åström, co-founder and product manager explained:

“Through the support of world-class technological growth, we’re able to provide craftsmen with a more convenient and transparent way to complete their jobs. Ultimately, this allows customers to have a modern and efficient communication process. Rather than communicating through emails, texts and other forms of paperwork sent through the mail.”

Done recently closed an additional €700,000 investment round led by the Nordic VC Almi Invest. Called a Seed round, this investment primarily funds Done’s marketing efforts in Sweden. Additionally, the investment will help strengthen the company’s marketing team and increase their visibility in that country. Currently, Done operates in over 15 Swedish cities.

Jens Bäckbom, Executive Advisor at Almi Invest AB said:

Malin and Alek have shown great determination and ingenuity by creating Done. We’re excited to continue their work as they continue to forge ahead.

Malin Granlund added:

In order to achieve profitability, we plan to expand internationally by end of 2023. People are increasingly interested in green renovations such as replacing the bathroom or kitchen doors. This is due to the fact that many families now prefer cost-efficient and sustainable alternatives to traditional renovations. Done’s mission is to build the biggest and most loved renovation platform in Europe. They achieve this goal by adding high-quality mini renovations to their app. These include processes like smoothing out glitches and delivering customers’ requested results quickly and smoothly.


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