Digs secures $7 Million in Funding for Home Builder Collaboration Platform

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Vancouver, Washington–based Digs, a leading collaboration platform for the homebuilding industry, has successfully doubled its seed funding to $14 million. This extension adds another $7 million to its initial 2023 seed round, backed by the Oregon Venture Fund (OVF) and Legacy Capital Ventures, alongside continued support from existing investors such as Fuse, Flying Fish, Betaworks, PSF, and new participant Deepwater Asset Management.

CEO and co-founder Ryan Fink expressed enthusiasm about the bolstered support from seasoned investors like OVF and Legacy, emphasizing the strategic partnership’s role in navigating the rapid expansion. The addition of experienced consumer technology builders is set to enhance Digs’ efficiency and marketplace strategy.


Innovative Approach to Home Building

Fink, alongside co-founder Ty Frackiewicz, leverages their experience from Streem—a venture aimed at creating digital home twins via smartphone cameras, acquired by Frontdoor in 2019. The startup pivots towards facilitating document sharing and comprehension among builders, vendors, and homeowners through AI and computer vision, centered around a cutting-edge real-time collaboration and document storage platform.

Industry Leaders Acknowledge Digs’ Impact

Gene Munster, managing partner at Deepwater, praised Digs for elevating the home building and ownership experience. Munster highlighted the team’s effective use of AI to address widespread challenges faced by builders and homeowners alike.

Digs Launches in North America

Following a successful beta phase, the platform is now officially available in the U.S. and Canada, serving a mix of boutique and national developers. The platform’s comprehensive approach to project collaboration has quickly attracted a broad user base.

Strategic Executive Appointment

To support its growth, Digs welcomed Jef Holove as Chief Operating Officer, bringing a wealth of experience from his tenure as CEO of Drop and previous roles at Streem, Basis (acquired by Intel), and Eye-Fi (acquired by Ricoh). Holove’s track record of leading companies through acquisition and growth phases signals Digs’ ambitious plans for the future.

Revolutionizing Home Management with Digital Twins

Holove outlined the transformative potential of Digs’ digital twin technology, offering homeowners and builders a detailed digital replica of homes, complete with specifications down to compatible water filters for appliances. This innovation promises to simplify home management and improvement, making personalized insights readily accessible.

With its enhanced funding and strategic leadership additions, the startup is poised to redefine the collaboration landscape for the homebuilding sector, promising a more integrated and efficient approach to constructing and managing homes.


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