Netherlands’ Delta Diagnostics Raises €5.2M To Bring Affordable Biosensing Technology To Market

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Netherlands' Delta Diagnostics Raises €5.2M To Bring Affordable Biosensing Technology To Market.
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Delta Diagnostics, headquartered in Rotterdam, specializes in the development of integrated photonics for the creation of biosensors with exceptional sensitivity and selectivity. On Tuesday, May 9, the company disclosed the successful completion of a Series A funding round, raising €5.25M.

The funding for Delta Diagnostics was secured from a consortium of investors, including i&i Biotech Fund (backed by an investment from the EIF), Oost NL, InnovationQuarter, and PhotonDelta.

According to Karel Kubias, Partner at i&i Biotech Fund, “We have a strong conviction that Delta’s technology has the potential to bring substantial advancements to the field of biosensing. The interest shown by industrial partners in this technology reinforces our confidence that Delta’s dedicated team is on the right path toward future success.”

Delta Diagnostics: Innovating Biosensing Solutions

Established in 2018 by Bart de Boer, Delta Diagnostics is a spin-off of TNO, dedicated to revolutionizing biosensing technology. The company’s vision is to make label-free, multiplexed biosensors and devices accessible to all.

Biosensor devices developed by Delta Diagnostics are designed to detect the presence of analytes in biological or chemical processes and generate corresponding signals indicating their concentration. These biosensors find diverse applications, including disease monitoring, drug discovery, identification of pollutants, detection of disease-causing microorganisms, and analysis of biomarkers present in body fluids such as blood, urine, saliva, and sweat.

Delta Diagnostics employs photonic integrated circuits to revolutionize biosensing by simplifying and reducing the costs associated with conventional laboratory methods.

A photonic integrated circuit is a microchip that integrates multiple photonic components to form a functional circuit, enabling enhanced performance and efficiency.

By providing a rapid, sensitive, and affordable solution, Delta Diagnostics aims to empower researchers and industry professionals to achieve groundbreaking advancements in the field of Life Sciences.


Effective Utilization of Capital

The company has announced its intention to utilize the funds to expedite its mission of providing fast, sensitive, and affordable biosensors to a wider audience, thereby enabling accelerated advancements in Life Sciences research.

Guy Dewil, the CEO of Delta Diagnostics, expresses, “The investment we have received will greatly expedite the launch of our inaugural product and unlock the full potential of our biosensing technology, facilitating groundbreaking discoveries in the field of Life Sciences.”

Having initially received funding from TNO and UNIIQ, Delta Diagnostics has developed into a highly skilled and well-coordinated team dedicated to perfecting their biosensing technology.

With the assistance of the recent funding, the company will continue its progress as it approaches the launch of its first product. This will enable Delta Diagnostics and its partners in the Overijssel region to further advance the development of cutting-edge biosensor devices for real-time detection of biomolecules in various samples.


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